Mehul Garud
Mehul Garud
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How to cure anxiety or depression

Workshops and training programs are the most effective tools at reaching out to a number of people.

These are aimed at educating and making individuals equipped with certain skills, techniques and ideas about specific topics related to mental health and mental well-being.

We, at the center, recognize that as mental health professionals we hold the responsibility to promote mental and emotional well-being within the community. For which our experts offer seminars and workshops to schools, corporate and other teaching/non-teaching organizations in the following areas:

· Life skills training for adolescents

· Self care and Self compassion

· Mindfulness

· Empathy and Emotions

· Mental health hygiene

· Corporate Workshops: Goal Setting, Team Building, Time Management etc

· Promoting Mental Health Knowledge

Our professionals believe in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the budding psychologists and provide them with different training programs. These educational programs attempt to ensure that we provide our participants with sound theoretical understanding and refined clinical skills.