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Factors that Determine the Cost of Hurricane Windows and Doors in Florida

The 1992 Hurricane Andrew made people realize one thing - their homes were not ready to survive such catastrophic events. As a result, a new statute came into being that made it mandatory for homes in hurricane-prone areas to have the best hurricane windows and doors that could survive 150 mph winds easily.

Since then, a lot of hurricane-proof solutions have evolved and been developed across the U.S. However, only a few come close to the kind of safety and ease of use that hurricane windows and doors offer.

The new building codes developed soon after also require homes in Florida to have hurricane-proof roofs, or metal roofs.

Are All Hurricane Proof Solutions Affordable

Not all of them, actually. Since hurricane proof windows and doors have proven to be the best hurricane deterrent, they do cost more than their regular versions. This cost, though, depends on many factors, such as:

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· The areas where these are installed -

Not all areas in Florida experience hurricanes of similar intensity. So, in areas where hurricane severity is rather low, you should be able to do well with lower-grade hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

· Their hurricane resistance rating -

This rating is determined by the ability of the windows or doors in question to survive different levels of hurricanes. The higher the rating, the more costly your ideal hurricane windows and doors will be.

· The materials they are made of -

Hurricane windows and doors are manufactured using different materials, such as uPVC, fiberglass, or even aluminum. Some manufacturers even use toughened wood for the frame.

· Their thickness and Mobility -

The thicker your hurricane impact windows and doors are, the more strong they will prove to be in the face of hurricanes. The number of glass layers used in these windows and doors is also determined by their thickness.

· Also, not all hurricane impact windows and doors are the same -

Some may be rather easy to operate due to their design and material used, others may seem to be a bit heavy. Even then you should absolutely find it rather easy to operate them now and then.

Other Hurricane Deterrents and How Effective They Are

You may further also consider other hurricane deterrents like hurricane shutters or adhesive tapes for sealing off the windows. While hurricane shutters still offer some level of protection, the rest do nothing much to keep you safe inside your house.

The problem with hurricane shutters is that they are bulky and very difficult to install and uninstall. You will need to uninstall them after every season since they seal off your windows and doors and don’t allow you to use them. Come next season, you will have to install them again.

Choose the Right Windows and Doors Company

If you want the right hurricane impact windows and doors for your home, and not just the ones that are the most expensive, choose the right installation company. Their experts can guide you through the different solutions, their benefits, and how much they will ultimately cost you. They will also execute the installation to perfection.

You can choose the right windows and doors from the extensive range they have available with them.

Also, ensure that you get the solutions manufactured by a local yet well-known manufacturer. This is important since they will know better about the weather conditions in your area and so what kind of products can survive them year after year. Such manufacturers also have their most loyal base within the same state, so they will do everything to continue gaining the trust of their customers.

Call your nearest installation company that deals in the best hurricane windows and doors in Florida, and ask for a free quote today.

Jonathan Rodriguez
Contact Us Now: 1 (866) 522 8394 The Leading Professionals In Impact Windows And Doors In South Florida. Let Us Prove It To You!