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IBL & IBU Champion Yahu Blackwell Ready to Set Foot In the Ring Again

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BALTIMORE, MD (January 29th, 2022) - International Boxing League (IBL) champion Yahu Blackwell is ready to get in the ring for a match again this coming September 24, 2021. This professional, powerful boxer is all set for another showdown and will be on the road to be a champion again. When he does it again, he will be only the second heavyweight in Baltimore history to win a portion of the WBC. Yahu also has an impressive 15 overseas victories in the IBL winning a WBU world title and the IBU world title over the span of his illustrious career.

Yahu Blackwell was raised in Baltimore, MD, and is of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent. Since he was a child, he always had an affinity towards boxing. "I've always looked up to Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. Watched them and their matches when growing up, including their famous battles. I wish to be remembered as them one day", said Yahu Blackwell. Apart from his heart in boxing, Yahu is also a successful businessman. He is a franchise owner of multiple businesses like Rita’s Italian ice, auntie Anne’s pretzels, Carroll fuel gas stations, and shell gas stations. Through sheer hard work and smart investing, Yahu Blackwell is a multimillionaire today.

"Yahu Blackwell is also interning at Mayor Brandon Scott’s office “Baltimore City Hall'' under the guidance of Councilman Costello. He also has political aspirations and is being guided by the best in the city. This Fortune 500 lister truly wants to make a difference to the city and the state and unite the people under messages of unity. In fact, his first project interning with the Mayor's office currently is to assist with the remodeling of homes of the 800 block of Edmonton and Harlem in Baltimore. He promises that no matter which field he takes up, he has always given more than his best and when the time comes, everybody will see the difference he has made", said the manager of Yahu Blackwell.


Yahu Blackwell is an American professional boxer of Ghanaian/Nigerian descent and a IBL champion. He is also a successful businessman running multiple franchises.

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