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Bunion Treatments: The Best Ways to Get Rid Of Bunion Pain

A bunion is a hereditary disease, which causes the big toe to point outwards and the foot to lean inwards. The swelling of tissue around the bunion causes pain and inflammation. It is also considered a disease of the skin and bone; since the bunion is caused by the abnormal wearing of the joints, it can lead to weakening of these joints. If you’ve noticed any unusual extensions on your feet, this may be your problem. How do you know if it's bunion? Well, most commonly, people with bunion will look down at their feet and notice a malformed toe appearing as both toes point outwards. If you're suffering from Bunion problems or mild pain in your foot/toes, then this guide will get you to the right treatment!

Effects of bunions

The effects of bunions can range from mild to extreme and can be quite crippling on the part of those who have it. Bunion problems can be fixed and cured with the use of bunion care products that are available in the market today.

Bunions and Bunion care products should never be regarded as boring and unimportant, but get a lot attention instead! For centuries, people suffering from this lovable disease would think that bunion is something beyond their problem, but now they are not such brainless individuals anymore! They know how important it is to keep the feet healthy through proper foot care.

Bunions cause discomfort when wearing shoes or even when walking barefoot. They aren’t just painful, but can also cause twisting of the foot. We often look down at our feet, but we never really notice how hideous they can be. We may notice a bulge on the foot and unconsciously think that it is a fat deposit, when in fact it may be something far worse – a bunion!

What are the treatments that the doctor may recommend?

If you have a bunion, it may be necessary to remove your excess tissue surgically with surgery called a 'bunionectomy'. Other Bunion treatment includes capsular fusion where soft tissues are used to correct the misalignment if your toes or bones have been pushed too far apart or surgical straightening of the metatarsal bone if they have been pushed sideways. Bunions occur when one end of a bone called the first metatarsal moves away from another end called its head. Bunion surgery can also be performed if the bunion is causing problems such as pain or when it interferes with proper functioning of a joint.

The same Bunion treatment may be used for other foot problems. For example, a doctor might tell you to apply heat to your foot to ease swelling and pain. This may involve using an electric pad or the application of a cold pack. A medication prescribed by your doctor may also help relieve pain and swelling. Nothing can make you feel better faster than surgery to correct your bunion problem, unless you have the operation done at once!

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