Express Home Improvements
Express Home Improvements
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Installing New Siding on Your Home

New siding is a great home improvement idea that can improve the appearance of your home. Simple color changes can transform your home and increase its curb appeal.

Remember that siding can only be a good investment if it's done correctly. It can be difficult to install or replace siding. Therefore, it is a smart idea to hire a professional contractor.

After you have found a trustworthy Long Island Siding contractor and received an estimate for your siding project cost, it's time to start planning for installation. This will allow you to have realistic expectations and make sure your home improvement project runs smoothly.

The process of installing Long Island Siding includes removal of existing siding, preparation work, and insulation. Unforeseen issues can cause delays to your siding project.

Prepare Your Home

Trim shrubbery and trees in your yard before the contractors arrive. Before the contractors arrive, trim your grass. Contractors will be able to locate any nails or staples that have gone missing by cutting the grass. You should clear your exterior of garden furniture, lawn equipment, and portable plants.

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The interior walls could shake during siding replacement. It's important to take down any shelves or items that could fall.

Remove the Old Siding

The old siding must be removed before the replacement siding can install. The old siding will cause some temporary damage to your yard. However, a professional General Contractors Long Island or General Contractors Massapequa NY can create a plan for its removal.

The old siding can usually be hauled away in a dump truck. However, it is sometimes possible to leave it in a large pile for a few more days until the job is done. The pile will be removed once the job is done.

Wall preparation and inspection

The contractor will inspect your exterior walls before installing new siding. If necessary, they may repair them. This is an essential step to ensure that the siding can properly be installed. The condition of the walls will affect the appearance and stability of the siding.

Ask your General Contractors Long Island to show you the damage and help you understand why it needs to be repaired. Ask your contractor to show you the sheathing in good condition.

Insulation Installation

You can expect to have the insulation removed along with the old siding. The contractor will ensure that your home is properly insulated with the appropriate insulation for the siding being installed.

Installation of the New Siding

After all the previous steps have been completed, your new siding will then be installed to protect your home against the elements. The project will take longer if your siding needs to be painted.


Contractors should dispose of the pile of waste and old materials. The dust created by cutting fiber cement boards can be a problem. It is essential to clean up any leftover debris afterward. It is common to wash the boards after installation in order to remove dust and grit. For more information, click this website.

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