Dr. Sujay Shad
Dr. Sujay Shad
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What are the first signs of heart failure in a woman?

Heart failure is a complex condition where the heart is not able to pump enough blood to all parts of the body. It happens for several reasons, such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, or heart valve disorders. Shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling, heart attacks, and difficulties exercising are the symptoms of heart failure. Early detection and effective treatment or Heart failure surgery in Delhi is important in improving the quality of life and reducing the complications related to heart failure.

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It has significant health concerns affecting both men and women. Here are the signs and symptoms of heart failure specific to women:

1. Exhaustion and Weakness: They are the key signs of heart failure, showing the heart is unable to pump blood effectively. It causes a lower supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body's tissues, leading to persistent exhaustion and tiredness. Women with heart failure often feel a lack of strength even after resting.

2. Dyspnea: It is commonly known as shortness of breath, and is the common symptom of heart failure. Fluid builds up in the lungs due to ineffective blood supply through the heart. It makes it difficult to breathe, particularly during physical activity such as walking and climbing stairs. It lowers the daily activities and quality of life. Medications and changes in lifestyles help to improve heart function and make breathing easier.

3. Edema and Inflammation: Edema refers to fluid retention and is a sign of heart failure. Fluids can accumulate in the tissues like legs, ankles, feet, and abdomen due to the inability of blood flow from the heart. This results in noticeable puffiness and a heavy feeling. It causes difficulty in moving and can make you uncomfortable.

4. Chest Pain or Pressure: It is one of the symptoms of heart failure. It often feels tightness or heaviness in the chest and spreads to the shoulders, neck, jaw, or arms. It causes discomfort, especially during physical activity or stress. Medications and lifestyle changes help in reducing chest pain. Sometimes surgery is the only way to improve blood flow and relieve symptoms, enhancing heart and overall health.

5. Arrhythmia: It is commonly known as irregular heartbeat, and is a prominent issue in women with heart failure. The heartbeat is too fast, too slow, or irregular, affecting its ability to pump blood effectively. Women experience palpitations, like fluttering, pounding, or skipping beats. It occurs at the time of rest or during activities.

6. Loss of Appetite and nausea: It happens in individuals with heart failure. Loss of appetite leads to weight loss and nausea causes stomach discomfort. These symptoms reduce the ability of digestion used to manage heart failure.

Heart disease can affect anyone at any age. It is important to be alert of your heart and overall body health and stay in touch with a cardiac expert like Dr. Sujay Shad, for more updates on heart health and learn more about Heart Surgery Cost in Delhi at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.