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DR Fistone
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Nothing better after grinding then to kill each other

I am 100k exp from 99 woodcutting OSRS GP and I decided to buy a Saradomin sword. So I thought I'd create a thread on this forum to see what everyone's opinions are regarding whether I should get the ss, or BGS, which means they're both priced in the same range in the present. I have a whip and dragon defender currently but I'm unable to build strength with them and I would rather use 2h weapons. It's pretty much the same using an ss, as I do with the whip, but I don't have it.

This means that I am about the finish line of the wood cutting I'm tired of doing. Therefore, I am probably going to make some pvp-related mini-games. For example, clan wars. Also, I could do some cash-making and quests in addition to some classes every once and a while. I've never "grinded" or "spun" what ever I wanted to. Thus, I am sane from woodcutting for months on end. Nothing better after grinding then to kill each other.

I am aware that the ss is recommended for training, however, the bgs is more to be used for bosses and for pking. So I am guessing this will be the case with the ss, but as I said I haven't posted in a while and needed some reason to get back on the forum and probably, with my levels not being above 80 this will go to the ss, but it's not a bad idea to begin a conversation. When I've gotten the last 100k in woodcutting exp, I will be able to earn some money from blue dragons with the whip for a while. Thanks, and if you have a suggestion for a new weapon, just let me know.

It's my opinion that buy rs3 gold you should always work out with slayer and it shouldn't take long to get 70, but maybe just a couple of days, depending on the amount of time you spend playing every day.