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4 Stunning, Timeless Biophilic Furniture Ideas

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Surprisingly, it does not take a lot of time or money to go Biophilic! All you need is a good idea, close supervision from a professional, and an intrinsic love of nature.

Live Edge Cuts

Moving away from boarding geometry and perfect shapes, Biophilic designers try their best to embrace the beautiful asymmetry of nature.

Live Cuts is such an eye-catching process of developing furniture that accentuates the natural edges of the raw material - wooden tables look like living bark and stone cutouts resemble a natural, chiseled surface!

Curves and Helixes

The latest emphasis, in terms of interior design, has been on abstract curves. No not perfect circles but instead helixes, waves, dunes, clouds, and other such naturally occurring shapes that revive the feelings of peace and stability within us. And no you do not need to hire a private designer to have such artistic luxuries - you can simply look into the leaf prints, sand structures, antique carvings, etc that are available at your closest home decor store Dallas.

Straw and Bamboo

If you love the carefree, down-to-earth look of reused bamboo, straw, and wicker, you can use these amazing raw materials to make the most comfortable set of chairs, tables, and shelves for your house.

The beauty of these malleable materials combined with custom designs ensures that your furniture reflects your height, body, posture, and lifestyle making every activity one of great comfort. Any chosen customized furniture Dallas store can make this happen for you!

Indoor Greens

From wallpapers of rainforests to vertical gardens and creeper curtains, you can set up entire walls of greenery inside your house by using innovative, durable planters, hangers, and wall decors.

All you need to plant the first seeds of your blooming, green paradise is a set of wall frames that can hold the soil and the pots. Can't wait to get started on your Earth-friendly interior project? Visit any customized furniture Dallas store near you and start with the measurement and site inspection process!