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WoW WOTLK classic Announces A Change to How Subscriptions Work

Battle for Azeroth will be available on the 14th of August WOTLK Classic Gold . It brings a range of new areas and content to explore in the long-running MMO that includes two continents, Kul Zandalar and Tiras--as along with a variety of new islands. The game also increases its limit to 120 levels and adds several new dungeons and raids that players can take on.

Prior to Battle for Azeroth's launch, Blizzard recently rolled out an enormous patch that will expand the game. The patch, in particular, introduced the brand-new War Mode system, which allows players to turn PvP between Orgrimmar or Stormwind as well as reworking the talent system for PvP. The new events have recently started and will run until the expansion launch.

Star Wars MMO Director Reveals His Displeasure Concerning The Game

Blizzard experienced James Ohlen had been with the RPG studio since its beginning of the project, before resigning this month following 22 years. James Ohlen is now giving an interview to end his tenure in Game Informer that covers a vast amount of information and is well worth reading. Check it out here.

A particularly fascinating segment of the interview is the one about Star Wars: The Old Republic Blizzard's ambitious, costly Star Wars MMO. Ohlen was director of the game, and he also shared some of his disappointments with the game. He stated that he would prefer that the game had more of its own individuality instead of following the cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Goldgenre-defining and eternally loved World of Warcraft 's path and game's formula in such a way.

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