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Significant Process Involved In Cosmetic Eye Color Change Surgery

Eye color changing implant surgery is a procedure that helps people with damaged or missing irises. During the surgery, the doctor will open your cornea, which is a clear layer in front of your iris. Then they will inject a coloured silicone implant and unfold it to cover the eyes. You can get the color options like blue, hazel, green, violet, brown, gray, and others. Also, if you want to change the color of your iris, then consider cosmetic eye color change surgery. Here are the major processes involved in eye color-changing operation.


During the consultation, you can get a clear explanation of the potential risks and benefits of surgery. It helps you to make an informed decision on choosing eye color-changing surgery. Therefore, visit an expert doctor who has more years of experience and is well-versed in this profession. Then it will be handy for you to get an idea about the surgery.

Treatment Plan

In the treatment plan, your eye's photograph will be taken. It allows the manufacturing team to create a bespoke custom-matched artificial cornea. This will take around 6-8 weeks to prepare.

Surgery Preparation

The trustworthy hospitals will have a dedicated team of nurses, doctors, and patient co-ordinates. They will help you through the pre-operative process to ensure all your doubts are clarified. It will make you feel fully comfortable when you prepare for the operation.

Surgery Procedure

The eye color changing surgery can be introduced via a small incision into the eye. Or else at the time of the lens fixation surgery otherwise cataract surgery. During the surgery, the doctor will cut open your cornea, which is a clear layer in front of your iris. Then they will put in a colored silicone implant and open it to coat the eyes.

Recovery Process

Moderately your eyes will feel uncomfortable after the cosmetic surgery. The post-operative care will include using anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic for around 6 weeks. Avoid straining the eyes more and take more rest for a fast recovery.

Follow Up Consult

After your eye color changing surgery, the doctors will be in the touch to support you and follow up. The surgeon will check you at different time points after the operation. Also, to ensure your eyes remain healthy, get a yearly check-up. It will include the corneal cell counts and other kinds of right tests.

Final Lines

Wish to change your eye color permanently? If yes, then it is worth considering the eye color changing surgery. Keeping all the above processes in mind will be useful for you when you prepare for the operation. In addition, don’t forget to visit the expert who has more years of experience in the profession to get the best result.

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