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Biltong Plus
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If you like your Koeksisters slightly on the spicy side you Buy American Whisky.When you Buy Whisky you should see whether it’s straight or straight rye Whisky. This simply shows the age of the Whisky. If a Whisky has been casket for over two years it is called straight Whisky. If you like blended whiskies but you like them strong you safely Buy Whisky, reason being that blended whisky straight Whisky is combined with neutral grain spirits only and they have a similar alcohol content to straight Whisky.

Before buying something from South African shop Auckland, then you should ask what the thread is made of. Wood carving is more durable than wood and stone carving. If you come to South Africa from another country, give preference to these wood carvings as they are easy to carry and transport. Some of the items to look forward to at these shops include wire art, colored beads, wood and stone carvings, ceramics, paintings and textiles by local artists.