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MMOexop: What’s there to say about Lionel Messi

A common theme with the game’s best dribblers is possessing five-star skill moves. The likes of FIFA 24 Coins Neymar Jr, Kylian Mbappe, and Vinicius Jr all feature in both lists and will be among the most popular players in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Here is our EA Sports FC 24 best dribblers top 10 prediction:

A surprising name among the best dribblers in the game could be Jamal Musiala. The German sensation is already one of Europe’s top talents, and next season he could be the go-to signing in FC 24 Career Mode.

What’s there to say about Lionel Messi that hasn’t already been said? Messi is not only one of the greatest players in history, but he is one of the most talented dribblers of a ball. The ball appears to stick to his feet as he glides round opponents. Messi needs 95 dribbling as a minimum.

Neymar Jr possesses a different dribbling style to Messi. The Brazilian superstar has a box of tricks and can bamboozle defenders with his skills. Neymar Jr also boasts explosive acceleration, enabling him to buy FC 24 Coins beat an opponent through sheer speed too.📷

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