artha seniorcare
artha seniorcare
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Artha: Assisted Living and Care for Seniors as a Paid Luxury Old Age Home.

Artha is a service provider for the elderly and senior citizens, enabling quality of life, dignity, care, and provision for your loved ones not just for the sake of profitability but to enable a vulnerable and cherished population the care and privilege that is requisitely deserved and earned. At Artha there are various provisions that function in our assisted living facility for your loved ones. Artha is a paid luxury old age home.

Requirements among the senior citizen population:

Palliative care: Often there are varying and personalised requirements for senior citizens enrolled at Arthas senior care facilities. Usually the senior citizen and elderly population may be struggling with diseases, afflictions. Some of these can be limited mobility, disability, terminal diseases, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimers, dementia. Hence a population with a varied set of personal challenges and circumstances, that the functionalities and service within a paid luxury old age home targets for management throughout the lifecycle of those individuals enrolled within their facility. Palliative care covers a comprehensive range of services delivered through various caregivers, professionals and medical staff, wherein the tasks assigned revolve around care for the senior citizen or elderly. Usually the range of specialists include physicians, physiotherapists, volunteers, who are performing various roles that are supporting the patient and their family.

Specialised caregivers and service models/approaches for neurodegenerative disorders: The approaches required for neurodegenerative disorders such as alzheimers, dementia are a prevalent requirement among numerous senior citizens. The care required for those individuals struggling with alzheimers entails care of a specialised caregiver.

Artha Senior care also functions as a Dementia care home for residents and senior citizens affected with the condition.

Contact with medical staff and doctor visits: Close and persistent monitoring of the senior citizens enrolled in Artha for their care consists of contact with nurses and doctor visits, held regularly and for various individuals.

Pain management:

For many senior citizens they may struggle with significant pain, either due to deterioration of their joints, bone density or various other injuries and conditions. Pain management approaches and programs at Artha target the individuals in conjunction and complementing their palliative care.

Physiotherapy, social engagement and physical activity integrated within routines:

Physiotherapy, social engagement and physical activity is integrated within routines at Artha. Physiotherapy treatment for senior citizens enables pain alleviation and management, relief, for neck, back and their joints. Services within paid luxury old age home


Assisted living, daycare for senior citizens requires comprehensive addressal for a section of the vulnerable and neglected population. The aim revolving around ensuring adequate care, dignity and health, well-being for loved ones in enduring and experiencing their twilight years.