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Archpoint implant dentistry
ARCHPOINT is here to offer only the best in Fort Worth & Dallas implant dentistry.
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Traditional vs. Same Day Implants

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When it comes to dental implants, there are a lot of different options to choose from. Chances are, you’ve heard about same-day dental implants in DFW. While same day implants may seem like the more appealing option, there’s more to it than meets the eye. In fact, traditional implants offer the best long-term results and a more predictable outcome, and you still won’t have to go around with missing teeth.

Here’s why you should consider traditional implants and why you should work with an implant specialist when it’s time to replace your missing teeth.

Why Same Day Implants Aren’t What They Seem

Same-day implants are often marketed as a fast and convenient option for those who want to have dental implants placed in a single appointment. However, this quick process often sacrifices quality for speed. Same-day implants may not provide the same level of stability and longevity as traditional implants, which can lead to complications and a need for additional procedures down the line.

If you install an implant and attach a replacement “tooth” (restoration) on the same day, the implant won’t be able to support the biting or chewing forces. This can lead to total failure of the implant.

What surprises most people is that same day implants usually come with some type of temporary restoration. Such as an overdenture. This interim prosthesis is only meant to be worn until the implant is integrated. At that point, you have to go back to the dentist’s office to get a new restoration. Yes, you get “teeth in a day,” but they aren’t permanent. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Traditional Implants Offer the Best Long-Term Results

Traditional dental implants are placed into the jawbone in a surgical procedure, then given several months to integrate properly with the bone. This integration process is crucial for the long-term success of the implant, as it helps ensure that the implant is securely attached to the jaw. Traditional implants also allow for a more customized fit and greater precision in placement, which can lead to better results.

Since conventional implant treatment is adapted to the individual, it’s not a rushed process. Every restoration is tailored for fit, function, and aesthetics. Even if you’re waiting on your implants to integrate properly, our DFW specialists will be sure to offer a temporary restoration to fill in your smile while you wait. You don’t have to worry about people seeing you with missing teeth.

Conventional Implants Have Time to Integrate Properly

Because same-day implants are placed in a single appointment, they may not have enough time to integrate properly with the jawbone. This can result in a higher risk of failure and the need for additional procedures, such as a bone graft, to help support the implant. With traditional implants, you have peace of mind knowing that your implant has the time it needs to integrate with your jawbone for the best possible outcome properly.

You see, dental implants need to integrate with the bone around them before they can work correctly. After they’re installed, it takes anywhere from 3–6 months for new bone to fuse around the implant. Implants are naturally attractive to bone cells, so your bone will grow a new layer around the implant. Once that happens, the implant is permanently fixed in place and can support the biting or chewing pressure of a natural tooth. In fact, it will be stronger than your other teeth!

You Won’t Need to Be Seen With Missing Teeth

Same day implants aren’t the only way to avoid people seeing you have missing teeth. Another advantage of traditional implants is that we can design a healing prosthesis that you wear in the meantime.

Your temporary healing restoration can be placed after the implants are installed, so you won’t need to walk around with a gap in your smile. Common examples include immediate overdentures, flippers, or flexible partials. This can be a huge benefit for anyone that feels self-conscious about their appearance because of missing teeth. Simply wear your restoration while your implants integrate and return for a permanent prosthesis when the time is right.

Fast Implant Treatment Increases the Chances of Failure

While same-day implants may seem like a convenient option, they often increase the chances of failure and added, unexpected treatment costs. Because the implant is placed in a single appointment, it may not have enough time to integrate properly with the jawbone, which can lead to a higher risk of implant failure.

Re-treatments or the need to turn around and buy a new dental restoration can significantly increase your cost of care. Especially when you thought the entire process would be a “once and done” experience.

archpoint implant dispensary, you know exactly what each step of the implant process will entail, including the fees involved. You won’t have to worry about getting caught off guard like many “teeth in a day” patients do.

Why You Should Work with an Implant Specialist

At ARCHPOINT Dental implants in Dallas Tx and Ft. Worth, we specialize in advanced dental implant therapies, and our on-staff implant experts are highly trained and experienced. When you choose to work with us, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best possible care for your dental implant needs. Our team will work with you to determine the best implant option for your individual circumstances and help ensure that your implants are placed properly and have the time they need to integrate with your jawbone for the best possible outcome. We can also fit you with a prosthesis to wear while your implants integrate so that nobody sees you with missing teeth.

Don’t rush perfection! Traditional implants offer the best long-term results for our patients with missing teeth. While same-day implants may seem like a fast and convenient option, they often increase the chances of failure, added costs, and can lead to additional procedures down the line. At ARCHPOINT Implant Dentistry, we believe in providing the highest quality care for our patients. Call us today to reserve your consultation!

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Archpoint implant dentistry
ARCHPOINT is here to offer only the best in Fort Worth & Dallas implant dentistry.