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Anshika Kaushal
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tofajak 5 mg

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Tofajak tablet is made up of tofacitinib as the active salt. It is a prescription-based medicine approved to treat arthritis. tofajak 5 mg tablet is indicated for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Magicine Pharma sells such arthritis medications at a reasonable price. You can order online at up to 28% off.

pembrolizumab price

Keytruda is an anti-cancer formulation containing pembrolizumab. It is prescribed to treat melanoma in adult patients. This medication has also shown reliable results in the treatment of lung cancer and ovarian cancer. You can check the pembrolizumab price & its availability on Magicine Pharma’s website. Avail discounts and easy payment options.