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Most likely, on the way to a beautiful and lush beard, you will encounter some difficulties.


Causes: shaving, dry skin.

How to fix it: we do not recommend using shampoo, it is better to use natural soap (namely, natural, because it does not contain irritating components). Wipe and gently massage the skin, do not forget about moisturizing, beard oils are perfect.


Causes: stress, improper care, weather, fungal diseases, skin features.

How to fix: Ask the barber to tailor your skin and hair type to your skin and hair type. Do not forget that the approach to solving the problem should be comprehensive, you will need not only soap, but also beard oils, skin cream. If the situation gets worse, then cosmetics can not cope and you need to contact a trichologist.

Acne in the area of hair growth

Reasons: skin irritation, ingrown hairs due to improper shaving, an increase in bacteria in the skin.

How to fix: if the problem persists for a long time, you should contact a dermatologist or cosmetologist. When choosing care, you should give preference to mild facial cleansers, creams and gels that contain lemongrass, cedar and tea tree oil.

Dry skin and flaking

Reasons: cold weather, the use of aggressive cleansers, individual intolerance to certain components of cosmetics.

How to fix it: Moisturize your skin regularly. Depending on the season, you may need different products - lighter or more nutritious.

Lack of volume and slow growth

Reasons: individual characteristics, poor nutrition, genetics.

How to fix it: there is no magic remedy that can grow hair in a couple of months. You can improve the condition of your skin and hair with proper and regular care here. Products with beeswax, almond and coconut oil have proven themselves well.

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