Dr. Akangsha Sharma
Dr. Akangsha Sharma
Dr. Akangsha Sharma is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur & cosmetic surgeon who performs the Best Hair Transplant in jaipur. She holds an extensive experience
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Can Someone Else Donate Hair for My Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants have made it feasible for individuals who have lost their hair to regain their confidence. Most people ask if they can acquire donor hair from friends or family because hair transplants involve removing hair from one place and placing it on the balding site.

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This could be due to factors such as insufficient donor hair or low hair quality. If one is thinking about getting a hair transplant but doesn't have enough hair, this blog is for them. This blog considers the crucial insights shared by Dr. Akangsha Sharma, a renowned plastic surgeon who is known for providing the Best Hair Transplant in Jaipur. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about using another person's donor hair in hair transplant surgery.

Is it Possible to Use Donor Hair from Someone Else?

While it may be theoretically feasible to utilize someone else's hair for a hair transplant, it is practically difficult in practice. Due to compatibility difficulties, hair transplants only use hair from the patient's own body. To minimize donor-hair rejection by the recipient and potential infections, hair restoration doctors do not undertake transplants using another person's hair. However, hair from areas of the body that are DHT-resistant and do not undergo hair loss can be used. Because they are genetically engineered to resist hair fallout, the back and sides of the head are good candidates for donor hair. Scientists are still looking into other potential donor hair sites, including the chest, auxiliary, leg, and even genital areas.

Conditions Under which Hair Transplant with a Donor Hair Can be Performed

Hair transplant using another person's hair has not been done previously. However, with a few considerations, it is now possible for someone else to donate hair for the transplant process. This is referred to as a "hair transplant with a hair donor." However, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Compatibility: For a successful hair transplant, the donor's hair should be a near match in terms of texture, colour, and thickness to the patient's own hair. Ideally, the donor should be a family member with similar genetic features, such as a sibling or parent.
  • Medical Examination: The donor's hair should be in good health and condition. Before beginning with the transplant, the donor would need to undergo a medical evaluation to determine their fitness as a donor and to ensure they do not have any underlying illnesses that could jeopardize the success of the transplant.
  • Consent: The donor must provide informed consent for the hair donation. They should be fully informed about the surgery, any hazards, and any postoperative care that may be required.
  • Hair Harvesting: Either follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) would be required to collect the donor's hair. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor location, which is usually the back or sides of the head, and transplanted to the recipient area where hair loss has occurred.

Note: To discuss the individual circumstances and establish the best technique for the hair transplant, visit with a competent hair transplant specialist or a plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration.

If one has any questions concerning hair transplants, it is best to consult with a hair restoration professional. Dr. Akangsha Sharma, the Best Plastic Surgeon in India, is a recognized hair restoration specialist with years of experience restoring patients' hair and confidence. Consult her right away for any of the hair restoration needs. The doctor will conduct an extensive evaluation to establish the optimal procedure and donor area. Visit now!

Dr. Akangsha Sharma
Dr. Akangsha Sharma is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Jaipur & cosmetic surgeon who performs the Best Hair Transplant in jaipur. She holds an extensive experience