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Marathons of Poland

At one time, Poland began to be liked because of the large number of interesting running events that take place on its territory throughout the year. In addition, my acquaintance with running began precisely in Poland during the participation in the marathon "Silesia Marathon", which takes place every year in the town of Katowice. And it was from him that my fascination with long-distance running began.

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In this article, I decided to pay a little attention to Polish marathons. As they can boast interesting running routes, good running event organization, affordable registration and quite a large number of participants, which makes them quite interesting for runners.

  • Warsaw Marathon
  • Debno Marathon
  • Gdansk Marathon
  • Lodz Marathon
  • Kolobrzeg Marathon
  • Cracovia Marathon
  • Solidarity Marathon
  • Szczecin Night Marathon
  • Night Marathon of the Bydgoszcz Canal
  • Marathon Gorlitz-Zgorzelec
  • Marathon Warszawski
  • Wroclaw Marathon
  • Silesia Marathon
  • Poznan Marathon
  • Torun Marathon
  • Lublin Marathon

You can learn more about marathons in Poland here:

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androshchuk run
My blog about running and marketing: