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Top Makeup Trends for Video Content in 2023

What sets high-quality makeup apart from the filters and masks commonly used in smartphone cameras and mobile applications? Which makeup looks truly shine in the vlogging sphere? Let's delve into it.

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Makeup versus smartphone filters

Many smartphones, especially iPhones, utilize algorithms that smoothen the skin and correct skin tone. For many bloggers, this level of enhancement is sufficient for video recording. However, influencers and professional models still opt for makeup, and they have their reasons. To help you determine whether makeup is necessary for your blog, let's compare the effects created by makeup and filters.

Benefits of makeup for video shooting

Makeup for Video and Film A Basic Tutorial
Makeup for Video and Film A Basic Tutorial06:29

Makeup serves several functions that are crucial for achieving high-quality video images. Professional makeup enhances facial contours, using techniques that highlight cheekbones or eyebrows. Your face maintains its clarity, which is particularly important when recording with a professional camera that lacks anti-aliasing tools.

With makeup on during video recording, you have full control over the lighting's effect on your appearance. In normal studio lighting, the cool tones of your makeup may appear overly emphasized, while warm tones may become desaturated. This allows you to achieve the desired perception from your audience. For instance, light daytime makeup in warm colors can appear nearly invisible on video, leading viewers to believe that the model is bare-faced.

An important advantage of makeup is that it conveys professionalism on video. Viewers can see that you have made an effort to prepare for the recording, capturing their attention more effectively than if you were using mobile app filters.

Characteristics of masks for video blogging

Using masks is most justified when aiming for a special surreal effect. For example, masks can be employed to record videos anonymously, as frequently seen on Snapchat.

However, masks are more likely to decrease audience engagement if used extensively in a professional blog. There are several challenges for viewers. Ordinary masks tend to be recognizable, causing your video to get lost amidst similar content. Masks also blur the image, resulting in a less sharp appearance that resembles an animated movie rather than a professional blog.

Advanced masks utilizing machine learning technologies allow you to add "makeup" to recorded videos after the fact. Although the quality of such images is high, we do not recommend relying on these technologies. Users risk falling victim to self-deception and becoming dissatisfied with their real appearance compared to the enhanced video imagery.

Disguise makeup for video

Witch sfx Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Witch sfx Halloween Makeup Tutorial05:09

It is rare for bloggers to wear makeup that allows them to remain anonymous. The trend of promoting "naturalness" has reached peak popularity in recent years, but this style of blogging is not suitable for everyone.

By donning disguise makeup, bloggers can create videos that stand out from the majority of Reels and TikToks. Maintaining anonymity is fitting for various types of blogs. You can establish a unique persona for your FriendsOnly blog, easily differentiating yourself from other content creators. This allows you to cultivate a loyal subscriber base and continue building your career while working a regular job. Unleash your creativity on FriendsOnly while remaining incognito.

Disguise makeup is exceedingly uncommon on platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok these days, making it an excellent choice for crafting a distinctive blog.

Coordinated makeup

had to do matching makeup for the new hair #makeup
had to do matching makeup for the new hair #makeup00:18

The concept of coordinating makeup for videos is simple yet incredibly effective. This type of makeup is particularly useful for bloggers who create talking head videos. How do you create a memorable image while discussing any topic? Match your eyeshadow to your top, dress, or coat. Such a bold appearance may be too extreme for everyday life, but it is ideal for video content. You create a striking image without the need for complex and expensive creativity, naturally capturing viewers' attention.

Sparkling makeup

Euphoria Makeup Tutorial
Euphoria Makeup Tutorial13:20

Using glitter in real life can be challenging as it may lead to an "over-the-top" reputation. However, an extravagant image is perfect for grabbing the audience's attention online. Applying glitter as lipstick will certainly not go unnoticed. When a blogger takes such a step for the sake of video shooting, she automatically earns attention. By adding a bright and memorable makeup detail, viewers will remember your online profile. Just remember to include a userpic that prominently displays your distinctive element.

Bold and vibrant looks are ideal for garnering publicity. Whether it's a few eye-catching makeup details or a unique appearance that allows you to remain anonymous, they are suitable for any profile. Such striking aesthetics are especially useful for building a blog with paid subscriptions on platforms like FriendsOnly. With minimal investment, you can create a popular video blog that becomes a source of passive income.

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