Alpha 180
Alpha 180
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What Services do Alpha 180 Offer?

There are many services Alpha 180 offers you, these are:

a) Long-term Aftercare - An immersive aftercare experience specially designed to provide young men all the tools they need to be successful in recovery. Recovery cannot be taught – it must be experienced.

b)Intensive Outpatient Program -Young adult men beginning the process of recovery from addiction or other mental health challenges need a solution unique to their needs and lifestyle. Alpha IOP offers a flexible option to receive clinical, recreational, and social programming while living at home, in your dorm, or in another sober living environment.

c)Family Therapy - The client will receive an initial assessment with a licensed clinician to collaboratively identify their goals for therapy. Specializing in treating collegiate-aged individuals, the clinician will employ appropriate modalities with an emphasis on emotional safety to process challenges that may be affecting true joy.

d)Life Skills Development - Building competence and confidence is essential to feeling successful as a young adult in recovery. Whether pursuing a vocational or academic path, we walk alongside each resident to establish and achieve their goals.

e)Transitional Living - In the heart of Austin, Texas, Alpha 180 Transitional Living balances high accountability with sober fun. Residents enjoy immersion in a true sober, collegiate experience based on brotherhood, healthy independence, and attaining goals.

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Alpha 180