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Sober Living Homes in Austin at Alpha 180

Our main campus, located at West Campus off of Nueces, is right in the middle of Austin. Events, nightly dinners, weekly meetings, and our intensive outpatient program are all held at this center for young people's rehabilitation. Additionally, it offers a place where like-minded people can study and/or unwind throughout the day in a secure setting. You can feel at home in the Sober Clubhouse.

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Sober Living Homes in Austin

In what location are we?

The Alpha 180 Sober Clubhouse is a meeting place for young people in recovery and is housed in the former Phi Delta Theta fraternity house. The ideal spot to study during the day or set up for a recovery meeting at night is large couches and chairs. The Clubhouse conducts weekly sober activities and boasts an industrial kitchen for family-style meals, a patio, and a grill.

Support is close at hand because of the certified clinicians and case managers who work at the sober transitional living in Austin, which is located close to the University of Texas at Austin. Clients can be found studying, meeting with their sponsor for recovery, or spending time with sober friends on any given day. The Clubhouse is the ideal gathering place for newly sober customers, who do not need to be secluded for choosing recovery.

Alpha 180