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What is herbal medicine? Herbal medicine is originated from encient culture, it involves the using of plants that are medicinal to treat disease and general health and wellness. They are natural botanical products from plants, they are treatment called the complementary medicine. Some herbs are very strong and have some portent ingredients and need to exercise caution taking them to some level. They have been used for thousand year back even before conventional medicine invention. Herbal medicine contain some active ingredient and some pharmaceutical medicine are also on that active ingredient from plants. Some conventional are drive from plants, for instance, salicylic acid is found in plant meadowsweet which is use to make aspirin, it is also use to prevent some irritation cause by salicylic acid too. Herbal medicine or supplement are natural from plant's root, seeds, barks, leaves and flowers. Many people prefer herbal drugs to doctor's prescription. According to some herbal practional it is believe that it is important to keep herbs together with the rest of the plant as it may lose it impacts and become less safe if isolated, they also believe that the effect of the whole plant is greater compared to it part. Some common uses of herbal medicine include: Losing weight Improve sleep Boost immune system Enhance mood Increase energy Treat disease Treat infection. Herbal for women Women have different stages of life and unique health concern at every stage of their life. Through out women life cycle there are natural transition that involve hormones which are the women messengers. It start from menses in teenage stage to child bearing in adults and then manupause, a woman body is always in process of changes. Aside from the healthy lifestyle that is need, there are need for nutritious diet, exercise and learning to adapt daily life stress, there are many ways women can support their health, hormonal and reproductive wellness, from balancing of hormones to boosting of body stress response, there are herbs that are good for women which includes: 1.Black cohosh During natural transition it support women reproductive system.It also control manupause symptoms. It is a native plants in North America that is use to support healthy reproductive system in women, it also good in controlling symptoms such as hot flashes, excessive sweat, vaginal dryness and mood disturbance. There is an active constituent in it root called triterpine glycosides which is use to standardize a modern herbal preparation. 2.Fenugreek It support production of breast milk. Fenugreek seeds are use to maintain healthy blood sugar and support optimal production of milk. Fenugreek seed are nutritious and essential source of vitamin B, vitamin C and beta carotene. 3.maca Support hormonal balance and also support a healthy libido and normal fertility. Maca is a knobby root vegetables,it grows in Peruvian Andes and is rich nutrients that help the body to response to stress.It is also use to support healthy stamina and energy,it balance hormones and control estrogen level in women which is beneficial for manupause.It support a healthy Libido in women,maca powder is use in smoothies and juice. 4.Vitex Berry Support production and balancing women hormones.vitex berry has been use to support

women health and wellness,it has been use traditionally to support women hormones which isneeded for emotional and physical wellness.It promote healthy body during menses and transition to manupause. 5.Red clover Source of natural phytoestrogen.It is a natural accuring phytoestrogen and it use to support women health for long.It is help in healthy detoxification and health skin through it support in women body's lymphatic is also use to support body during manupause. 6.Canberry Promotes urinary tract health and it is good for skin.Canberry is use for treating and prevention of urinary tract infection,it stop the bacteria that causes infection from sticking to the wall of the bladder,it is good in minimizing the visible aging and skin elasticity lost.Canberry juice I'd to be taken without sugar. 7.Guduchi(Gilloy) It is rich in antioxidant and also has anti-aging properties,it is an important herbs for women with diabetes,it help in the treatment of several infection, water borne disease,fever, urinary tract disease, and digestive disorder.It improve vision and reduce stress and cold. 8.Wheat grass Improve immunity.wheat grass is rich in vitamin A,C,E K and vitamin B complex,it is effective in helping women with iron deficiency and prevent the occurrence of anemia.It help improve body hemoglobin count because of the large quantities of chlorophyll. 9.Lodhra Treat uterus inflammation.Lodhra is a powerful Ayurvedic that help in stoping bleeding in wound and gum.It is used to treat uterus inflammation and support women during pregnancy by reducing excessive menstrual discharge,it prevents miscarriage and maintain physical strength. 10.Saffron Mental health in women.Saffon is originated from a flower crocus sativus also known as the saffron crocus.It is use to improve mental health which include prementural syndrome, depression and anxiety,it improve the action of neurotransmitter serotonin, enhance brain and protect the brain from chronic stress.It help decrease body weight in women. 11.Artichoke leaf Lower cholesterol and blood sugar level.Artchoke leaves are drive from artichoke plants from southern Europe and North Africa.It help to lower blood sugar and also reduce elevated blood cholesterol is also a source of fructooligosaccharide a form of non-digetible fiber,it help normalize body weight in women and prevent anemia and loss of bone density. 12.Shatavari It strengthen women reproductive system.It is more beneficial to women that are in reproductive age,it help strengthen the entire reproductive system.It help women to move into manupause with less stress and peaceful,it boost energy level and body immunity. 13.Rhodiola It is use as energy booster to resist physical stress.It help to strengthen mental capacity,it is also important in improving sexual function and improve athletic performance.the plant is found in areas of Europe and Asia. 14.Nettle leaf Nettle leaf is use for the treatment of allergies, skin ailments and urinary tract problems, it is a good source of antioxidant,it help lactating mothers in breast milk is control createnine in blood. 15.Turmeric Tumeric is a popular spices used in our daily has a great health benefit,it is an antiviral, antioxidant, help to reduce the effect of free radicals in the body,it help reduce stress in the body.