Alex Visotsky
Alex Visotsky
Business Booster co-founder
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Business Booster Board — Premier Networking Community

The Business Booster Board serves as a thriving community of accomplished business proprietors united by the shared goal of propelling each other to unprecedented levels of achievement.

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Business Booster Board

Here’s a glimpse of the offerings available to our business fraternity:

In the Online Realm:

Zoom-based Mastermind Sessions:

Engage in collaborative wisdom-sharing, idea dissemination, and gain insights from fellow business proprietors who have walked a similar path.

Insightful Presentations by Experts:

Directly learn from industry front-runners as they share invaluable perspectives and proven strategies.

Confidential In-depth Analyses:

For those prepared to divulge their financial data, we provide discreet sessions to scrutinize your figures and pinpoint avenues for expansion.

In the Offline Realm:

Thrice-Yearly Gatherings in the USA:

Prepare to forge connections, learn, and nurture growth alongside your peers during our exclusive 2–3 day offline gatherings held three times annually.

In late April, we orchestrated a remarkable event for our members, the Business Booster Board, in Silicon Valley. This exceptional affair took place at the renowned Plug and Play headquarters — an industry titan in innovation. With investments in 50,000 startups, including PayPal, Shippo, and Dropbox, and a $1 billion fund for AI and mobile app startups, Plug and Play embodies groundbreaking potential. It was imperative for our members to bask in this innovative milieu.

Our elation knew no bounds as we welcomed 50 entrepreneurs to this event. Each day was brimming with strategic brainstorming, collaborative idea exchange among entrepreneurs, and enlightening talks. Among our esteemed speakers was Nick Davidov, the visionary behind Davidovs Venture Collective, who shed light on the latest developments in the realm of AI and startups. I, too, shared insights on cultivating a business of substantial value, delving into facets such as business sales, acquisitions, and valuation. A pivotal exit strategy brainstorming session was also conducted, addressing a spectrum of scenarios our participants may encounter on their business journey.

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Business Booster Board

This Business Booster Board event held a unique significance as we introduced our pioneering initiative — 500 Rollups. This program is meticulously crafted to expedite growth strategies through mergers and acquisitions, and we are thrilled to announce that our inaugural group has already reached full capacity.

Mark your calendars for September 14–15, when we will be hosting the offline Business Booster Board event in San Diego. Come join us, and let’s catapult your business to new heights together. Our strength multiplies when we advance collectively! The Business Booster Board stands as an exceptional networking community fostering exponential growth.

Business Booster is a business accelerator that extends support to entrepreneurs from more than 50 nations, guiding them in implementing operational systems and propelling their enterprises to unparalleled success. The Business Booster Accelerator encompasses a tailored program for business proprietors, the Business Booster Board community offering invaluable mentorship, the Business Booster IT platform streamlining online team management, and a comprehensive leadership and staff training curriculum. Our services are accessible in English, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.

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Business Booster Board

For further details, please reach out to:

Nataliia Nesterenko
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Alex Visotsky
Business Booster co-founder