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How can I help my child with autism get more sleep?

Develop a consistent bedtime routine. Children with ASD thrive when they’re given a routine to work with, as they provide them with a sense of structure and stability. As a result, a bedtime routine can be instrumental in helping them unwind and get ready for bed. This could also mean they find it easier to drift off, especially if their head hit the pillow simultaneously each evening.

Keep their bedroom cool. We all like to feel warm and cozy as we settle into bed, particularly during winter. However, a cooler “sleeping environment helps lower your body temperature, making it easier to experience deep sleep.” This, coupled with the fact that children with ASD are often rather sensitive to heat and temperature changes, means you should try to keep their bedroom as cool as possible.

Reduce noise. We’ll all struggle to fall asleep in noisy environments, but it can be particularly hard for children with noise sensitivities to drift off. As a result, you should find a way to make their bedroom as quiet and peaceful as possible. For example, you could take steps to soundproof their room or find comfortable earplugs they can wear at night.

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