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Los Angeles IV Vitamin therapy | Ozone and UBI Therapy Los Angeles

If you are in search of Los Angeles IV Vitamin therapy then you are at the perfect place.

Why IV vitamin therapy you may ask? IV mixture therapy effectively delivers nutrients to the body by dealing with the circulatory system, Supplements are carried out directly right into the bloodstream via the intravenous course (IV), bypassing the gastrointestinal system.

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IV makes certain nutrients readily available for immediate use, and nearly 100% of nutrients are soaked up for maximum result and marginal waste. Our Services:

Along with our primary IV vitamin infusion options, we also provide custom infusions with supplement add-ons and intramuscular (IM) booster shots.

  • Wellness Cocktail Pro+
  • Fitness Energy Pro+
  • Immunity and Pro Relief+
  • Ageless Pro+
  • Hydration Pro+

IV Profusion is a concierge healthcare company specializing in the science of intravenous vitamin therapy (IV). Our Registered Nurses can visit you at the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel for single and group bookings. Check out: Ontario IV Therapy.

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Alternatively, we also offer in-clinic services at Sola Studios in the heart of San Dimas, California.

With IV vitamin infusions, we can securely supply larger dosages that would not otherwise be tolerated by mouth. IV therapy can be utilized both proactively to preserve optimum health as well as to potentially support intense and also persistent problems.

For more information regarding Los Angeles NAD therapy, visit here: https://www.iv-profusion.com/

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