Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding
Advanced Landscape and Hydroseeding
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Learn about the benefits of hydroseeding

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Nothing beats a lush green lawn adorning your home or commercial property. There are three common methods of planting new sod, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hand seeding is the traditional method of manually seeding the lawn. Soda applications give quick results. Hydroseeding Services takes longer than turfing but is cheaper. Which Garden Planting Method Best Suits Your Needs?

Hand seeding is a method that many homeowners have used to plant lawns for years. This particular method of planting grass requires a great deal of time and patience, as you hand-scatter the seeds onto the ground and then carefully cover them with straw to protect them from the elements. While hand seeding may initially seem more cost-effective than other methods because you can do it yourself without professional help, hand-seeded lawns are prone to damage.

Rain can wash away pieces of lawn, and wind can blow away some seeds and straw, creating loose patches. The sun can burn exposed areas, while sheltered areas thrive in light shade. Even a flock of birds can endanger your new lawn if they stop and feast on newly sown grass seed. In fact, repeatedly overseeding your lawn for consistent, healthy results can cost a lot more than hiring a professional lawn maintenance service.

If you have ever seen someone unroll something that looks like grass or peat, you have probably seen peat being laid out. The lawn is mature grass with minimal debris that is replanted in the desired location. The quick results can explain the cost of lawns, which can be more than three times more expensive than other garden planting products. While most turf applications ensure that the turf grows evenly and healthily, there is a risk that the turf will not "affect" the ground or leave space between rows if not laid correctly. When used properly by a professional landscaper, turf can be a worthy investment that will quickly add to the overall value and aesthetics of the property.

Hydroseeding is a grass-seeding method first developed over 60 years ago, designed to seed large areas in a short time while saving money. With wet seeding, grass seed, water, fertilizer and cellulose fibre mulch are mixed in a large tank to form a slurry, which is then evenly sprayed onto the soil. Residential Hydroseeding Services also offers greater versatility as you can select different types of grass from the seed mix to create a lawn that suits your unique needs. Hydroseeding Services requires some Landscape Maintenance Services before and after sowing to ensure healthy lawn growth. This method of garden planting is usually more expensive than hand sowing, but more profitable than sod.

No matter what type of grass seed you choose, proper care and fertilization are key to maintaining a beautiful green lawn. For more information on lawn care or to determine which planting method is best for you, contact your local lawn care service.

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