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Accident Clinic Miami
Our team is headed by Dr. Dean Zusmer, a licensed chiropractic physician and also a Miami Beach native, who has successfully treated numerous accident victims.
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Handle Your Car Accident Injury Pain With Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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Healing With Electrical Energy

If you are a car accident victim who is dealing with pain and are not sure of what to do, here is one effective pain alleviating method that you can try. It's called electrical muscle stimulation or EMS.

There are a number of adjunctive modality therapies that chiropractors use along with the spinal manipulations and adjustments to treat car accident victims. In chiropractic jargon, a modality is any physical medium that is applied to achieve therapeutic results during treatment. This medium could range from light, sound, heat, to mechanical or electrical energy.

And how are these modalities used for treatment? Instead of a chiropractor carrying out physical therapy, a machine is used to provide therapy to the patient. The machine emits energy that promotes healing.

The electrical muscle stimulation method is one of the common modalities used by car accident doctors near you. Let's try and first understand how electrical muscle stimulation helps with chiropractic care before we go further and discuss its benefits in car accident injury treatment.

At the time of a spinal adjustment session if you are seen to be experiencing pain, soreness, or muscle spasms, your chiropractor may decide to do an EMS before proceeding with the spinal adjustment. Pads or electrodes that are attached to the EMS machine are adhered to the skin on the area of your injury. The electric current is used at a particular intensity to contract and relax your sore muscles. This calms the overworked muscle and readies it for further chiropractic treatment.

What Does EMS Therapy Do For Your Accident Injury?

Sending electrical pulses to your body may sound painful, but in fact these pulses that are administered to an injured area via electrodes do exactly the opposite. The electrical impulses, by continuously relaxing and contracting the sore muscle, relieve the area of any pain.

Here's how. The contractions caused by electrical stimulation release endorphins. These are the body's natural pain relievers. The release of endorphins also enhances blood flow to the injured area and helps it heal faster.

How Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation A Beneficial Form Of Chiropractic Care?

Well for one, it boosts blood circulation to the injured area, which in turn promotes healing and alleviates stress. This not only benefits your injury but also positively impacts your entire body.

Some other advantages that car accident victims derive from electrical muscle stimulation during their chiropractic care include:

● Prevention of muscle atrophy

● Improvement of muscle health

● Faster healing and recovery

Car accident victims who are in their rehab phase also benefit from electrical muscle stimulation. The electric current not only provides relief from pain but also helps the muscle fibers of the injured area become healthy and responsive.

Oftentimes, car accident victims who are in their recovery phase are unable to do any physical therapy or exercise. These activities cause them pain and discomfort. In such a situation if your chiropractor administers electrical muscle stimulation to you, it provides a lot of comfort and relief.

Our car accident doctors use only state-of-the-art devices to carry out electrical stimulation therapy. For more information about electric muscle stimulation you can call at 305-928-2828 or schedule an appointment at a car accident clinic near you.

Accident Clinic Miami
Our team is headed by Dr. Dean Zusmer, a licensed chiropractic physician and also a Miami Beach native, who has successfully treated numerous accident victims.