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Dental Braces Or Clear Aligners - Which is the Better Choice?

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Going back to our school life, many of our friends had braces. Perhaps we did too. Many kids or adults who do not have braces or whose teeth are not proper may get an option to fix them later.

Orthodontics aims to correct poorly positioned teeth to optimize the bite and improve both function and appearance. In addition, orthodontics can help to reduce cavities. There is no doubt that treatment will positively affect you, but the problem is which treatment is proper to choose.

There are many benefits of this treatment. With the evolution of teeth straightening methods, you can get rid of all the issues if you have crooked teeth. Straight and healthy teeth make it easy to chew, brush and smile, which we are proud of, and it helps to boost our confidence. Many people generally have questions in their mind about which is better. Generally, both options are available, but it’s our choice to decide, or we should discuss it with our orthodontist and make decisions. The type of treatment suitable for our teeth depends on the kind of problems we have so it is impotence to discuss it without a doctor.

There are two types of orthodontic treatments: conventional braces and clear aligners.

What is the difference between Braces and Aligners:-

Braces are usually like metal or a hard white substance called porcelain. They are generally attached to our teeth. The wire attached to our teeth provides force to the teeth to move the incorrect position. Available as an option to the patient. It is suitable for patients who are 8-14 yrs of age.

Aligners are made of plastic and made to fit your teeth. Each aligner moves teeth step by step to get into the correct position. Small bumps are attached to various teeth to maintain a grip of the aligner so the tooth can be moved correctly. It is more favourable to adults or older kids because of its quality. Comfortably is more necessary before any treatment.

What are Clear Aligners?

It is a plastic tray made up of BPA-free plastics (Bisphenol-A) that comfortably fits over the teeth and gently nudges the teeth in the desired position. This therapy utilizes the CAD-CAM process to fabricate many sets of custom-made aligners which are worn for 1 to 2 weeks to move the teeth to the desired position. Depending upon the complexity of the case, the process completes on an average from 6 months to 24 months.

Advantages of Aligners:

  • Aligners are not so noticeable to the other persons like braces and made clear to correct your teeth.
  • Diet is also not affected. People can remove Aligners and eat whatever they want some fruits like apple, and walnut is difficult to eat in braces they can shatter braces which will delay treatment.
  • As you can remove the aligner you can brush easily and comfortably as usual. Brushing in braces cause challenges to the many patients.
  • Frequent visits to your doctor can be much easier and simpler because the movement of the tooth is planned. This is a massive advantage to those people who live busy lives.
  • Aligners are generally more comfortable than braces because you can remove them whenever you want.

Disadvantages of Aligners:

  • Aligners need to wear it all day to be effective. You can only remove it for eating or brushing, so it equals the result with braces.
  • Though they need to be removed only for eating or cleaning. Some might get shy in a public place or feel uncomfortable about it.
  • Sometimes the result may not be clear as we think they can take more time. If you stand up for aligners the result may not be as precise as we want.
  • The aligners are more costly than braces. It is a huge disadvantage for aligners.

What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces are wire-based appliances that orthodontists use to correct crowded and misaligned teeth or jaws. The brackets that attach to each tooth are smaller or may be attached to the back of the teeth where they are less visible. In addition, brackets can be made of ceramic, plastic, metals or a combination of these materials.

Advantages of Braces:

  • Aligners cannot be treated in some cases, but braces can. That means braces are always a priority.
  • Braces can be of different colours or different varieties. There are also porcelain braces which are more careful than the metal ones.
  • Braces fit in our teeth so we cannot forget to wear them or lose them. People can forget to wear aligners because they remove them for eating but there is no such problem in the case of braces.

Disadvantages of Braces:

  • It is challenging to brush your teeth in braces rather than in aligners. If cleaning is not done properly, it can cause damage to teeth. This may lead to problems or many people can decide on removing it.
  • Braces are attached to our teeth so the diet will need to change. Hard foods can shatter braces or sticky food can stick into your braces so they need to be avoided. Poor diet is a result of the disaster
  • Generally, Braces can be more uncomfortable than aligners as they can rub on cheeks or lips. Some people may suffer more because of this.
  • Braces are more noticed by a person than aligners.
  • People may need to visit a doctor for a longer time, and regular check-ups should be done. This can disturb the life of busy persons.

There are lots of considerations when you are taking orthodontic treatment. Hopefully, the above information will be helpful for you to decide which option is best. There are no right or wrong options, but being informed about choice and what it will bring in day-to-day life is essential. It's up to you to decide what pros and cons matter to you to help make your decisions easier.

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