Dr. Dean M. Zusmer
Dr. Dean M. Zusmer is a Miami Beach Native, Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician. https://www.drdeanmiami.com/
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Here’s Why You Should Visit a Chiropractor After Car Accident

Getting injured in an accident even when you were not at fault can turn your world upside down. You will not only be left dealing with your injuries and insurance claims but also with how your life will be after the accident. You will wonder how much things will change, and if that’s going to be for good or not. In between all of that, many people forget that they must seek proper treatment above everything else. If you haven’t done that yet, visit your nearest Miami car accident doctor for a quick checkup.

PIP Benefits

Did you know that you can claim up to $10,000 as coverage under Personal Injury Protection (PIP)? This money is disbursed by your auto insurance company under the state law to those who get injured in an accident and now face medical costs. This is in addition to the claim amount you can get after you win the personal injury claim. You must discuss this with your lawyer before filing for the claim.

Keep Health Above All the Rest

But as said, before anything else, you must ensure that you are on track to get healthy again. Your doctor should be able to give you a complete diagnosis of how the accident affected you and what you must do going forward.

Now, a regular physician’s job will be to ensure that you get back in perfect health and do not have any visible injuries. But there can be several internal injuries too that happen as a result of the accident. These internal injuries can lead to torn ligaments and a damaged spine, which can affect your lifestyle for a long time. If you want to avoid that from ever happening, you must visit a chiropractor.

What a Chiropractor Can Do for You

A chiropractor is just like your regular Miami car accident doctor. However, they specialize in a more specific form of treatment, such as diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders after a car accident. They use their knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to adjust and fix your misaligned spine that could cause excessive chronic pain and discomfort.

Car accidents can lead to many kinds of serious injuries that are visible to the eyes. But there are many invisible injuries too that happen within your body, such as torn tissue, dislocated joints, whiplash, and more. All of these can cause excessive pain to you.

Chiropractic care procedures do not involve the use of any surgery or medication. If you suffer from any of the post-accident issues as above you must visit a chiropractor. They will use their hands along with a few non-incisive instruments to realign your joints and jumpstart your body’s self-healing mechanism. You can start feeling the effects of healing as early as after a few hours of the first session! Some more complex issues may take a week or a couple of weeks to get healed completely.

Start Early to File for a Claim

You will need to obtain a full evaluation within two weeks of the accident, but it is recommended to do it within 72 hours of getting injured in the accident if you want to get your claim disbursed seamlessly. This is why you must visit a chiropractor as soon as you can immediately after a car accident.

For more details, call Miami’s leading car accident doctor or chiropractor for a free consultation and other information today.

Dr. Dean M. Zusmer is a Miami Beach Native, Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician. https://www.drdeanmiami.com/