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Loose Vagina Tightening V Gel In Bahawalpur / 03043280033

Ultra V Gel Price In Pakistan

Ultra V Gel is made with Natural and Organic ingredients and have powerful antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Ultra V Gel is primarily used to manage its elasticity, maintain tightness and treats vaginitis and cervicitis.

Benefits of Ultra V Tight Gel – Vaginal Tightening Gel 60ml

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1.V Tight Gel impacts positively on a close connection where both accomplices lose enthusiasm for one another without knowing the reason. This V Tight Gel in Islamabad gives you complete energy and brings back the vagina into its unique shape. And Enhances tightening sensation and elevates sensitivity of vagina.

2.Firm and tighten the vagina normally simultaneously to give more joy and solace.
3.It contains estrogen reestablishing grease solving the issue of vaginal dryness.
4.Aides in reestablishing the vagina suppleness.
5.It also increases vaginal emission and constriction of the vaginal channel.
6.It is mitigating that quit expanding and dissipate upsetting scent.
7.Helpful in protection from microbial pathogens.
8.Agreements and reshape the vaginal dividers to heighten personal delight.

9-Reverse, Loss of Vaginal Elasticity
10-No Surgery or Drugs Needed
11-Vaginal Tightening Naturally

Ultra V Gel Easy to apply:

Use appropriate qty of gel and apply inner walls of vagina
Use 2 times daily
Give two weeks for better results

Natural Ingredients:

Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Curcuma Comosa (Witch Hazel), Manjakani, Stabilizer

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