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DXN Cordyceps in Charsadda | 03008786895 | Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan

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DXN Cordyceps in Pakistan

DXN Cordyceps Is Pulverized Cordyceps Powder (450 Mg Capsules). As A Dietary Supplement, It Contains Cordycep Acid, Cordycepin, Polysachharides And Vitamin B12. It Supports Healthy Blood Circulation And Helps Maintain Healthy Kidney Function.

Dxn Cordyceps Capsules: Naturally Increased Vitality Without Side Effects

Dxn Cordyceps Capsules Are Made From A Precious Medicinal Mushroom Known As Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom). This Fungus Is Found Naturally In The Highlands Of China, Tibet And Nepal. Now It Is Cultivated Under Stringent Quality Control And Testing At The Malaysian Dxn Farm And Factory, Which In Spirit Of Dxn Company‘s ’one Dragon’ Philosophy Controls Production From Cultivation To Finished Goods.

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