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Alex Visotsky
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Neural Networks and Management: Why Every Manager Should Use ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence is gradually integrating into many areas of business, optimizing routine processes and simplifying work. ChatGPT is a versatile assistant for gathering information, analytics, and other tasks that a manager encounters daily.

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In this article, using my company as an example, I discuss how ChatGPT speeds up and automates a manager’s work. I also share tips on the practical use of neural networks in work.

Experience Using Neural Networks in a Business Accelerator

Our international accelerator was created to systematize and strengthen companies. We continuously improve and expand our training programs because our main goal is to organize the business world and free up owners’ time. Therefore, our team continuously tests and implements various neural networks. In this way, we have streamlined the process of creating English-language video content for American social networks and designed all our websites in half the usual time.

Platform for Business Owners

In addition, our company is developing a product aimed at assisting business owners. We aim to introduce a comprehensive platform that will compile all essential metrics. Thanks to this platform, an owner will be able to:

  • control all aspects of management;
  • issue orders;
  • see statistics and employee performance indicators;
  • place all employees on the company’s overall workflow scheme.

Artificial intelligence itself can only detect existing flaws in a company and suggest some solutions. ChatGPT is not yet capable of fully taking over specific management functions. However, combined with other tools and technologies, it can optimize business processes and assist in certain aspects. It’s also essential to remember that integrating artificial intelligence into a company requires not just technical knowledge and skills, but also proficient project planning and management.

Business Booster and ChatGPT

Employees of our company use ChatGPT for various purposes. The marketing department utilizes this neural network to create texts and plan content. We also recognized that ChatGPT will aid in the implementation of our team’s plan: we aim to free people from daily tasks. We want them to tackle complex and creative issues. Likewise, we automate simple tasks, and ChatGPT is an excellent assistant in this.

The analytics department creates traffic reports using several tools, with ChatGPT being one of them. This allows them to focus on data analysis, reducing the time spent on data collection.

It’s worth noting that ChatGPT operates most effectively in English. Therefore, it would be great if the HR department and managers encouraged English language learning among employees. This will enable the use of new tools for the company’s growth.

Practical Application of ChatGPT in a Manager’s Work

In the hands of a manager, ChatGPT becomes a powerful tool for enhancing efficiency.

1. Information Processing

Managers often face large volumes of data that need to be analyzed to make decisions based on it. ChatGPT can assist in quickly summarizing or interpreting this information, providing concise and understandable conclusions.

2. Communication Optimization

Sending daily reminders, scheduling meetings, or creating standard answers to frequently asked questions — all these can be automated with ChatGPT, allowing the manager to save a lot of time.

3. Training and Team Support

ChatGPT can serve as the first line of support for employees, answering their questions or directing them in the right direction. This way, the manager can devote more attention to strategic tasks.

4. Quick Idea Development

When a manager needs to quickly formulate thoughts or ideas for a presentation, brainstorming, or planning, ChatGPT can be an excellent assistant, offering various options and approaches.

By using ChatGPT in their daily work, managers can significantly increase their productivity, ensuring quick and efficient task completion.


Every tool that helps increase productivity and optimize work processes should be utilized. ChatGPT offers managers a unique opportunity to maximize the efficiency of their actions, whether it’s data analysis, team communication, or quick idea formation. By applying such technologies, managers not only save their time but also ensure a competitive advantage for themselves and their team.

Alex Visotsky
Business Booster co-founder