Reliable Home Warranty
Reliable Home Warranty
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What does a Home Warranty cover?

Reliable Home Warranty wants to make you a happier homeowner. Owning a home can be complicated enough when everything is working properly. A Home Protection can help you make your life easier and take the stress out when your oven or air conditioner stop working.

Yet, do you know what's covered when you buy a home warranty?

First, let's clarify what a Home Warranty is. Home warranties are a yearly service contract that covers many of your home's appliances and components. Your warranty covers the cost of repair or replacement if an appliance or component system in your home is damaged by normal wear and tear.

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Common appliances

Refrigerator, oven/range, built-in microwave

Dishwasher, garbage disposal and trash compactor

Clothes washer/dryer

Garage door system components, garage door openers

Systems in common:


HVAC (heating, cooling and heating)

Hot water heater

Soft water, plumbing, septic

These are just a few examples of the covered appliances and components that Reliable Home Warranty offers. For an additional fee, you can customize your plan. You can even add coverage for an accessory dwelling unit.

Platinum will require you to maintain your home and appliances after your Choice Home Warranty coverage has begun.

Reliable Home Warranty gives you the confidence to trust us with your home. We will treat it as if it were our own.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our warranties, pricing, and other information.

Optional coverage items included in Standard Plus, Prime & Superior plans.

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