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Ramadan Opens the Gates of Paradise

The month of Ramadan possesses superiority over all other months in the Islamic calendar. And its supremacy comes directly from Allah SWT direction. Allah SWT blessed us with such a spiritual environment during this month, which surrounds us to protect us from immoralities. We carry our obligations with more consideration and devotions.

Rewards enhancement:

Allah SWT enhances the rewards of each good deed or obligation in this month of Ramadan. Such performing Umrah during Ramadan hold the rewards of a Hajj. Muslims from all over the world try their best to avail this opportunity. Many cheap Umrah packages including flights announced by different travel agencies for ease of pilgrims.

The special door of Paradise:

Allah created eight doors of paradise out of which only for those who fast during the month of Ramadan. This Special door is named as Ar-Rayyan which means quench from thirst. Fasting during Ramadan keeps away from all evils from us results in illuminating our way to paradise.

Shield against Hell:

Fasting during Ramadan plays a vital role as a protection shield from all misconducts. When a Muslim keeps fast he follows the commands of Allah SWT by restraining all evil that leads him to hell. So fast in Ramadan protects us from hell and close to paradise.

Ticket to Paradise:

When Ramadan starts Allah SWT chained up the devil to protect us from all evils. This month gives us a chance to change our immoral routine practices. Ramadan develops the right practice for the whole year which results in changing our life’s pattern. This change in the right direction according to Allah SWT and his prophet Muhammad SAW is the key to success.

The revelation of the Quran:

Allah SWT revealed the Quran first time this month which is a guideline for all Muslims. The night in which Quran was revealed has its significance. Prophet Muhammad SAW directed us to find this night on odd nights of Ramadan’s last ten days which is known as “Laylat-Ul-Qadr”. Prayers and obligations during this whole night till dawn possess extraordinary rewards.

How to pass “Thirst Quencher” the gate of Paradise:

Any Muslim who observes the month of Ramadan should feel lucky because this month brings Allah SWT’s endless blessing. On other hand, Ramadan itself is a test case for us that how we spend this month. Fast the day long, reciting Quran, saying five-time prayers, charity and zakat are the main elements that must be driven during this month of Ramadan.


Ramadan gives us a chance to revert to Allah, placing ourselves on the right path. In this month we should seek forgiveness for our mistakes in the past from Allah almighty. Develop our practices according to Allah SWT and his Prophet SAW’s directions. This will be our key to success in the mortal and immortal world.

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