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How to Downsize for House Moving

Many times, we move into a place and start regretting the decision to move. It can be mainly due to the extra-large size of the house or poor feng shui.

Moving to a bigger house may not be a problem, but moving to a smaller one will take a lot of strategizing. It requires organization and planning on your part to make it work. The first thing that would have to do on moving into a smaller place is to remove all the unnecessary items.

In simple terms, you will have to be minimalistic. For that, it is important to streamline your house and downsize it. Want some help doing that? We can help you out for sure. Check out some tips here.

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Downsize for House Moving

Tips to Downsize and Streamline Your Home Before You Move

Plan Ahead, Start Early

If you are thinking of carrying out an organized move, then always plan ahead of the moving time. Give yourself some time to organize and strategize the move.

Especially when you are downsizing you need enough time in your hands to plan and execute different things. First of all, you will need to prepare a checklist and inventory list of everything that you need to move. After that, you will have to see what all items can be removed or left behind.

One should make a clear note of things that can be taken to their future house and what should be left behind. Take a walk through all the rooms and prepare an extensive list of all the things in your house.

Purge mercilessly and make a note of all the items. When making the list, ensure that you mention whether you can sell or donate the items.

Another thing to consider is what will fit in your new house. Take suggestions from family members to understand their perspectives.

Give them some time and ask for their opinions at the dinner table. This will surely make them happy and you will see your work reduced.

When it comes to packing, you will see how easy things turn out. So, plan ahead and start as early as a month before. Packing and moving in a hurry will lead to a variety of mistakes. This will also subtract relocation stress from your life to a great extent.

Decide Furniture to Move

Not all your furniture may fit in your future house, you must keep this in mind. If you are moving into a new house, you may want to measure the dimensions of all the big furniture in your house. Will your bedroom furniture fit in your new place?

Will the furniture pass through the door comfortably? These and many other questions need perfect answers before you can book packers and movers for the shifting of things. Most of the time, people prefer selling the over-size ones and take only those that are very important.

If you have a large bookcase to which you hardly turn or a large dining table where you are just two or three, then we suggest you think about them again.

Measure the piece that you plan to take with you and relate the same to your packers and movers Shimla when they come home for a pre-move survey. To be precise, take a walk through the house, which will give you a clear idea as to how to plan the move and what will go where.

You will get a rough idea of what things need to be removed from your current home to fit perfectly into the new one.

Check Smaller Items that are Important

Sometimes, it is not the big furniture that takes up a lot of space, but the smaller items. Downsizing is a way to get rid of things that you no longer need. You can utilize this opportunity to segregate and remove things out of your house for the better.

Simply, while sorting, put the needed things in a box and set them aside. Later, when you are free, you can take them out and think about what to do with them.

Purge through the room, check all the closets and drawers, and make an inventory. This will help. The smaller things need special attention as they may seem important at the first sight, later they will become trash.

So, instead of carrying them around, try and discard them as soon as possible. Furniture and other bulky items can be sold, but not all small items can be sold. For that, you will have to watch carefully. So, when sorting smaller things, choose wisely.

Consider Sentimental Items

In a house, there are many things that will have some memories attached to it. Picture albums, toys, gifts, books, etc. that may have lost their charm but are very dear to you. In a hurry to downsize the things, don't sell or give away these treasures. It may make you regret your decision.

Pack them well using a compartmental cardboard box. If you can’t take them with you, then it is best to give them to your close relative or parents.

Like, for instance, you have an antique wardrobe presented to you by your aunt and you may not wish to part with it, so, instead of selling or donating it, you can ask one of your close relatives to hold it for you.

If you have no one else to turn to, then you may better give it to the charity. They can put it to better use. Some sentiments are better when they stay in a closed box. Pack it before the movers and packers arrive, and things will follow smoothly.

Leave the Trash Behind

Many things that simply accumulate stay there until you get time to remove them. Broken trinkets, old furniture, etc. should be left behind while you move to another place. Additional trash can become a burden to you. So, it is best to leave them behind.

Movers Guide
We are offering all types of moving services like Residential relocation, Commercial Relocation or Vehicle (car & bike) Transportation, and other moving service