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How to Activate the Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku?

Xfinity streaming media players always focus on providing its users with a wide range of video content and easy to access streaming video and audio content on their TVs. Install and connect your xfinity streaming player with your smart tv and experience the best streaming services. Visit enter xfinity activation code for completing the setup and installation procedure. - Activate Xfinity App on Smart TV

Xfinity offers a variety of services, allowing you to have a fun experience. All you have to do now is sign up for an xfinity account and begin streaming. At a modest price, the Xfinity streaming player gives you unrestricted access to the complete xfinity streaming library. Watch live sports, news, and entertainment TV channels with an Xfinity Activation Code. Start the Xfinity channel activation process at and you'll be able to enjoy the shows that are broadcast on the channel.

Xfinity is the most popular streaming service provider in US. You can watch live stream content on TV channels, videos on demand services. You can also watch and download shows offline.

Install Xfinity Stream on Roku Streaming device

· To install xfinity on roku, you need to follow the given below steps:

· Turn on the Roku Streaming device and go to the Streaming Channels option.

· On the Streaming Channels menu, click the Search Channels option.

· Using the on-screen keyboard, type Xfinity Stream. The suggested results will appear on the right side of the screen.

· Choose the Xfinity Stream app on the searched results.

· On the next screen, click the Add channel button.

· The Xfinity Stream Channel will begin to add. When the channel is added, you will get the confirmation pop-up. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up.

What Can You Do with Xfinity on Roku?

When you install the Xfinity Beta app, you’ll access a bunch of features that you may not have on a regular cable TV.

First of all, you may see all you’re recently watched channels, TV shows, movies, and other content on your home screen. Also, the app makes it easy to purchase or rent movies and TV shows from a substantial media library.

Furthermore, the Roku app allows you to subscribe to premium content with just one press of the subscribe button. This content includes sports packs, international and local channels, channels with specialized content, etc.

Finally, those who require additional support to navigate the channel can use the Roku voice guide and voice description features as well as closed captions. Thanks to Roku, you can increase the size and adjust the position of closed captions and enhance your experience.

How to Activate Xfinity Router via

· Find your best place of gateway or modem where your gateway device link too.

· Now, your gateway or modem establising process is going on. Wait until 10 min.

· Note: your device should be link with Wi-fi connection.

· Input network name (SSID) and password will be available on bottom side of the Gateway or modem.

· Select the network type from wi-fi setting and put password details.

· Click on Activate your gateway or modem.

· In the browser address bar, search "".

· To begin the activation steps, follow the instructions on the screen.

· Input username and password to access xfinity account.

· Note: your device should be link with good speed internet network.

· You will receive message and click on the continue.

How to Activate the Xfinity Stream Beta App on Roku?

1. Open the list of Roku Channel Store

2. Select Xfinity Channel and click on "Sign in"

3. You will get Xfinity authorize code on the device.

4. Now open the web browser and type in your web browser or mobile.

5. Enter your 6 digit Xfinity activation code.

6. Use your xfinity account credentials to sign in to xfinity account.

7. You'll see Success! Message. The screen of your Roku or Roku-connected device will soon update.