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We are also an affordable on-location luxury hair and makeup company. We additionally provide premium customer service modern to traditional makeup and hairstyl
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Bridal Hair and Makeup in Houston

In preparation for your bridal hair and makeup Houston trial run, you want to have a solid idea of what you're looking for. While it's true that bridesmaids bring their bridesmaid dresses with them on the day of a bridal hair and makeup trial, that might not be enough to give your bridal hair and makeup artist a clear sense of how you'll look on your wedding day. For example, some brides go with an entirely different hairstyle from their bridal bouquet toss photos. In some cases, brides make adjustments after they see what their bridal party looks like in terms of bridal hairstyles or makeup colors, as well as if they worked out any new details within the first couple of days leading up to the bridal hair and makeup trial.

A bridal makeup look can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Many brides keep their bridal hair and makeup light, often opting for a natural bridal look to fit with the relaxed vibe of their wedding. Others go for something more dramatic to fit their bridal style. It's important to pay attention to your skin tone if you're considering an unconventional bridal hair and makeup Austin palette that isn't black tie. For example, consider how different bridesmaids look when sporting ivory bridesmaid dresses paired with bold pops of red lipstick, which is all too common in recent weddings. Think about how it will all look together on the day of.

Who will be bridal makeup and bridal hair for your bridal party? Once you identify the bridesmaids in your bridal party, think about who will be bridesmaids and bridesmen. Pay attention to their style, as well as interests. You want to consider who you'll be excited to see when it's time for bridal photos! If you know a bridesmaid is interested in beauty and fashion, ask her opinion when it comes to picking out the perfect bridal makeup palette or bridal hairstyle. After all, there might not always be one specific "right" answer. If she loves red lipstick but that doesn't fit with your bridal look, perhaps you can find another way that she can incorporate the bridal look into her bridesmaid style, such as with rosy pink bridal lipstick.

Your bridal hairstyle will most likely fall within the traditional bridal spectrum. However, it's important to not feel restricted by this common bridal trope: brides have been known to wear updos with an elegant veil, low chignons, and sleek half-up styles paired with a sassy barrette or sparkly hair pins. Brides also experiment with braids and embellished headpieces that complement their bridal hair color or bridal makeup palette. Your wedding day is your time to do things just a little bit differently than the average bride! Case in point: These brides opted for bridal hairstyles that included a messy top knot, bridal curls, bridal braids, and a modern bridal updo.

Bridal makeup is all about the eyes. They're not just used for the show: They're also an important tool when it comes to capturing those special wedding day moments. Brides love using their bridal makeup palette to bring out their eyes in unique ways that suit their bridal style. For example, some brides opt for bolder eye looks that include pops of color or silver accents while others prefer something more subdued like black mascara paired with classic smokey eyeshadow. Lashes are another bridal staple - whether you want to go dramatic with false lashes or keep bridal lashes natural and classic. We can't forget about bridal lips: It's all too common for brides to rock a bold bridal lip color, such as fuchsia pink or red.

If you've met your bridal makeup artist on your bridal hair and makeup trial, consider what worked best for both you and your bridesmaids. If the bridesmaid who wore ivory dresses on your trial day is set on wearing her beloved crimson lipstick on the wedding day, perhaps compromise by having everyone wear nude lipstick instead of opting for matching bridesmaids' looks. On the other hand, if you want every bridesmaid to look the same on your wedding day, bridal makeup and bridal hair might be a little more challenging to coordinate. Perhaps ask bridesmaids to pick out their bridesmaid dresses first and then select bridesmaids' bridal looks based on those dresses, all of which should fit within the bridal palette you've chosen!

If you love one bridesmaid's look from your bridal hair and makeup Austin trial but want others to match as closely as possible, it's worth reaching out before the big day. A professional artist can adjust colors or techniques to suit each of their needs, but there may or may not be an additional fee depending on the extent of the changes necessary. If bridesmaids are all within the same bridal palette, however, bridal hair and bridal makeup can be complementary even if the bridesmaids don't coordinate exactly.

It's important to feel confident in your bridal look on your wedding day - after all, you'll need to rock this bridal style for hours (and maybe even days!). That's why it's worth scheduling a few bridal hairs and bridal makeup trial sessions before choosing one artist over another. Not only will these trials allow you to go through the motions of getting ready for your big day, but they will also help you uncover what works best for you! You may find that something as simple as bridal lashes make a bridal makeup trial transform from one bridal makeup session to the next.

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Lips Lashes
We are also an affordable on-location luxury hair and makeup company. We additionally provide premium customer service modern to traditional makeup and hairstyl