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Is your AC Not Turning ON? Here is why

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This is quite obvious that the AC system has become an integral part of your life now. Gone are the days when people used to spend summer time using ceiling fans and air coolers only. In today’s scenario the environment plays a major role and that’s why people switch to air conditioners a lot. So keeping your cooling machine free from bugs is something which you cannot deny at all. But sometimes, the AC system becomes non-functional, giving you hard times dealing with the summer heat.

Sometimes the air conditioning unit doesn’t get turned ON; resulting in things started getting disturbed due to torrid heat of the summer time. So in those times, if you know the reasons behind it, not turning ON, then it could be helpful. So here in this blog, the AC repair Boca Raton service has summarized few unique reasons behind AC not turning ON for your reference.

Wiring Problems

Sometimes the air conditioner gets faulty due to the wiring issues. The wiring that runs from the unit to the outlet is one of the major issues leading to breakdown of the air conditioning machine. So once you notice that there is a power issue or wiring issue, then immediately check the power box and other outlets to fix the problem as soon as possible. This will help you to ensure that there is a problem with the cooling unit and not with the electrical components.

Build-up of the Ice

Another reason mentioned by the AC repair Boca Raton service is the ice build-up on the condenser coil or on other parts of the air conditioning unit. Due to which the machine doesn’t turn up efficiently. So the quick fix is- that the ice should be thawed out and removed completely in order to restore the AC’s state back on track. After this, the AC will operate normally and will turn up correctly.

Compressor Problem

Sometimes the compressor has issues resulting in AC not turning up correctly. Or sometimes the compressor becomes faulty leading to AC shut down completely. So once you notice the compressor issue, then immediately fix the problem or clean the compressor to prevent the problems.
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