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New India Visa Specifications For Tourists and Business Travelers

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India visa specifications, like visas from most countries, transform from time to time. Recent adjustments by the Indian government influence both tourist and business visas. This short article will briefly describe the new needs so that you may greater prepare for the next trip to India. Get far more information regarding INDIA EVISA

New India Tourist Visa Needs

The first modify to note is the fact that the 1-year tourist visa is no longer readily available. Applicants must pick among a 5-year multiple-entry visa along with a 10-year multiple-entry visa. Furthermore, the gap amongst visits must be no less than 2 months. Travelers who would like to re-enter India in much less time should seek unique permission to accomplish so.

When apply to get a tourist visa to India, you must state the goal of your trip extremely clearly. This visa is issued to travelers who strategy to check out India for recreation, sightseeing and visiting family or pals. If you enter India on a tourist visa, you can not participate in business activities, look for employment or pursue analysis or academic studies.

Your current passport ought to have two blank visa pages in it, preferably these pages will be back to back.

New India Business Visas Requirements

As using the tourist visa, one from the business visas has been discontinued. Nevertheless, it really is not the 1-year but the 10-year business visa which is no longer obtainable. Business travelers can only pick amongst a 1-year multiple-entry visa along with a 5-year multiple-entry visa.

Further requirements for the 5-year visa make it much more challenging to receive. Not only do applicants need to inform the Indian consulate of their upcoming travel date, in addition they have to list future travel dates and planned business activities to justify the request for the 5-year visa. These dates have to be listed on each the Business Cover Letter as well as the Letter of Invitation.

The Indian Consulate is becoming stricter in their specifications and generating it far more challenging for applications to receive an India business visa. A vital modify that business travelers need to be conscious of is that both the Business Cover Letter plus the Letter of Invitation for any 5-year visa must list future travel dates and describe the activities in which you strategy to participate. Simply because these changes are recent, it really is still not clear how precise it's important to be when listing your future travel plans.

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