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What Can You Claim And What You Can’t On Your Tax Returns?

There are a number of store associates involved in various aspects of running a store. Most store associates seek answers about which items are tax-deductible. If this has been your nightmare, this guide will get things straight and make it easier to file your annual tax return.

Did you know that there are many store associates who get a lower tax refund than they deserve? This is because we are not aware of the tax claims to be made for the various items they are charged for. We don't want this to be a trap for you and we will make it easier for you to make the right claims.

Getting the maximum tax refund is your right and we helped a number of store associates. We have experienced and knowledgeable tax experts who can assist employees in filing appropriate tax claims. With this guide, we hope you can record all the relevant tax deductions on your next annual tax return.

Essential for tax deductions for store employees

We have a number of items that we have listed as essential to tax claims for store employees. However, you may not make every claim listed here and you must also be willing to provide the ATO with proof of the tax claims.

Work-related costs

There are a number of tax claims you can make based on the work-related expense. Some of the most important are:

Phone calls

internet use

Car and transportation costs

Membership Fees

Books and stationery

Protective equipment

Safety equipment

It's important to note that all of these items must be directly related to the work you do. If you have a personal cell phone, only claim the calls made on behalf of the store and not the personal calls. Staff uniform must have a logo or must be safety items, otherwise the ATO will not allow tax deductions for regular clothing. Having a professional tax advisor will help you differentiate the items to be used for the tax claims.

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Meal, accommodation and travel expenses can also be deducted. This includes the costs of meals during overtime or away from home. During work-related training outside of the city, all travel and incidental costs must also be included.

It is important to know that the work and travel costs between your home and the shop are not tax deductible. This only applies in the case of using heavy equipment to be carried from work.

Training costs are also tax deductible and there are quite a few related costs in this case. Some of the costs are:

Travel expenses

Books and manuals


Meals and accommodation

Finally, there are some general deductions not directly related to your work for which you can file tax claims. Some of these deductions include:

Charitable Donations to Organizations Receiving Deductible Gifts

Income from premiums for protection insurance

Tax advisers

Interest on investment accounts

As you can see, this is one of the most complicated issues that store employees face when it comes to annual returns. Don't miss the opportunity to file tax claims for the relevant costs.

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