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Joseph Bowie
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Say Hello to CNM Tech - the Number One Plastic Moulding Company in China

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Precision plastic mould is, contrary to popular belief, a difficult thing to make due to obvious reasons — Precision. Plastic injection mould China demands high precision and accuracy to be molded in the first place. Apart from that, to be cost effective, the tooling process has to be of the highest order to minimize wastage. Only then such a company can take various orders from dozens of different industries such as automotive industry, defense industry, food packaging industry, cosmetics packaging industry, electric connector industry, home appliance industry, electronics industry, pipe connector industry, medial industry, garden industry and so on and so forth. But is there a company that checks all the above boxes?

CNM TECH. The only company in China that does all of the above and goes beyond. Not only plastic mold China, CNM Tech is also into die making providing its service to many companies across the world. Equipped with the best and latest machinery, it makes plastic mold of the highest quality that also goes above the standards of Europe and America. It also does the finest job in shipping worldwide and before the deadline given. They also take orders for custom molded parts and are the most reliable plastic mould supplier in that field.

"Customer satisfaction is first and foremost in our list of priorities. It is with this philosophy that we undertake all of our orders and jobs and are able to produce the finest plastic molds the world has seen. We offer Ultrasonic and Hot Plate Welding, Rapid prototype molding, Gas-Assisted Injection molding, Post Moulding Assembly, 2K injection molding (two-shot injection molding), Silicone molding products, Printing and Electroplating of Plastics and many more such products. Practically, every industry in the world needs us and we supply countless companies across the world with the highest standards demanded internationally. We assure you that once we are in business, you won't ever have to look for another supplier. That's our commitment", said the Marketing Manager of CNM Tech.

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