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Jonathan John
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Volumetric Capture Studio Types

Volumetric capture studio can vary from a large high end rig to a portable setup. The large studio usually contains around 100 precisely placed cameras which will give a perfect overlay when recording volumetric video. The best example of a high end volumetric capture studio would be Microsoft reality capture technology which is being licensed by Dimension Studios (London), Meta stage (Culver City, California) or Jump Studio (South Korea). The technology lets you record high quality volumetric video and use it in 2D videos as well as VR and AR. The usual cost of renting such a studio is around $70-100K.

The most used Volumetric capture studio which is portable is EF EVE. It is a software solution which gives the opportunity to use Microsoft Kinect Azure or Intel Realsense for volumetric video recording. This means that you can set up a rig with up to 10 synchronized cameras yourself. This portable setup provides good quality of recordings but not as good as a high end rig. The software cost depends on the number of cameras you will be using. The cost starts at $39 a month. It also offers editing software for volumetric video which starts at $149 per month. However, you need to purchase the cameras yourself which cost between $120 to $400.

Both Volumetric capture studio types have its pros and cons and use cases.