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Tips to earn money from fantasy Cricket App-onfield11

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If you are landed just now to the world of Fantasy Cricket, you will be wondering how these apps work and how you can earn money from them. In this article, we will attempt to explain how Fantasy Cricket apps work along with some topmost tips and tricks you can use to beat (defeat) others in your competition (match).

Users only need to do 3 things to play Fantasy Cricket:

· Choose the contest and create a team of 11 top players (from both teams).

· Invest and join contests using your team.

· After the start of the game, follow your score board and you can see your team wins or not.

Join small but guaranteed competitions

If you join a major competition with more than 10,000 members, the chances of reaching Rank 1 is less as well as chances for winning that big money is less. To earn money easily and have more opportunities, try joining small competitions with 10 or 20 members. It is easier to beat 9 more members compared to 9,999 other members. Also, check to see if the competition is a guaranteed competition.

Understand the points system

Every Cricket app has a unique point structure. Some of them give a lot of points to Batting (points) like run, 50, etc., others give extra weight to bowling points like wickets, maiden over, etc. Also, some apps like offer different points for ODI, T20, and Test. Depending on the game layout and application points, select the appropriate players.

Choose your players strategically

Many apps allow you to tag two players like Captain and Vice-Captain. If an average player gains 10 points, the same player if marked as captain will get 2x, i.e. 20 points. The vice-captain gets 1.5x, so 15 points. So, you should think a lot before marking a player as captain or vice-captain. Take a look at the recent performance of these players and make a decision.

Refer and Earn

Cricket of ipl Apps have a referral system. Some of them offer 50/100 Rs flat referral bonuses for you and your friend when they join the app. As soon as your friends join the app and start playing, you will earn money (free). This is the best way to make money without playing.

Test Your Game

The online fantasy game allows you to test your game skills while playing competitions. Create your favorite player team and with your knowledge about cricket, eventually you can win cash prize.

Non-disruptive refunds

Fantasy cricket App divided the deposit, winnings, and bonus to make it easier to use and to avoid any confusion. The deposit shows the amount added to the fund, the Bonus shows the various amounts earned during the competition which cannot be obtained but at the same time can be used in bidding. Winning is the amount obtained that can be deducted. Therefore, the App tries to simplify the process at all small levels so that the player is only focused on enjoying the game.

Select Top Players

It is seen that in the IPL Fantasy Premier League the selection of overseas players is limited to 4 players. Managing credit scores with some productive resources is a major challenge in this case. To make Fantasy cricket team for IPL Fantasy Premier League, one has to make wise decisions while choosing overseas players.

Manage Your Team

You can make as many changes to your On Field 11 teams as you like until the start of that game!

Since 2008, most of the world's leading cricket stars have been taking a joint break from international and domestic cricket to take part in the Indian Premier League (IPL) which takes place in a two-month window between March and May. During this time the IPL has been the cynosure of the eyes of the cricket world in general. However, with the launch of Fantasy Gaming Apps, curious eyes are being replaced by real cash earning minds.

For each winning game, the fantasy cricket app now gives you real cash prizes. .You can surely earn some real cash prizes with little knowledge about the players in the cricket.

The best part is that, if you play with cleverness, you can win the highest!

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