Jackson Gabriel
Jackson Gabriel
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Optimize Your Lead Generation Website for Higher Conversion Rates

You have decided to set up a lead generation website, but you are unsure of what type of site you should build? Should it be a simple text box with a few graphics or should it be a polished sales page that does the selling for you? The right way to build a lead generation website will depend on whether you are building it for yourself or for someone else. The three-tier plan outlined in this article helps to keep your business focused and manageable. It also makes the process of actually building the lead generation website simpler and less stressful.

One of the major advantages of putting a lead generation service on autopilot is the time you will save. The three-tier ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu approach help to prevent that from occurring by working as a feedback loop for your sales process. By using these services, you can easily fine tune the next step in the sales process to make sure that the leads are only interested in the offers you are offering. In addition to the basic foundation based on your buyer persona and their conversion routes, there are some other things that a lead generation website requires to succeed and create a positive user experience. This article focuses on some of those additional things that help to keep the sales process running smoothly and will ultimately lead to your ultimate goals.

One thing that is absolutely necessary is testimonials. Many people simply buy a product without reading the testimonials or even being aware of them until they visit the sales page. By providing a series of testimonials based on visitor behavior, you can identify the demographic that is most likely to purchase your product based on what they are looking for. You can then build a lead generation website around specific content so that you are not providing too many general questions that will turn away any visitors, but rather that is focused on individual requirements for a solution.

Another great feature to consider when building a lead generation website is a "boFu CTA". A boFu CTA is the headline that will drive visitors to your website. Most people do not like reading long passages of text; therefore, they click on the boFu CTA in short bursts. With the help of a quality lead generation website design, you can ensure that your BoFu CTA is contained within the copy and that it drives visitors to your landing page.

Lead generation websites should also offer some sort of tracking in order to determine the conversion rate of the traffic that comes to their websites. A great way to track this is with web analytics software like Google Analytics. These websites should also have social media integration as well. Many visitors enjoy interacting in social media. Integrating these websites into your lead generation website will increase the chance that a visitor will join a community site that may interest them in buying your products or services.

In terms of page speed, you should aim to have your pages load quickly. Faster page speed will attract new leads. Many of these websites offer below average page speeds. If you want to generate leads using these websites, you need to make sure that the page speed is at least three times faster than others.

Your lead generation website should also provide a service page. If you are not providing a service page, you are leaving your audience wanting more from your company and increasing the chance that they will visit another company. A service page will allow customers to contact you by email, phone or through an online contact form. Having a service page will improve your conversion rate as it allows your audience to engage with you before making any decision to purchase your services or products.

Lastly, you should improve the trust signals on your lead generation website. These signals will improve your conversion rate. Trust signals include your privacy policy, your privacy statement, your terms of use and your privacy policy. If you do not place these signals on your website, your leads will not trust you, which will decrease their conversion rate.