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Cat toys that you can’t miss

Although cats don't usually seem to like moving, they either sleep on their stomachs or just walk around. But toys are still very attractive to cats. When playing with toys, cats are usually lively and active, which can not only please the cat's mood, but also allow it to get a certain amount of exercise.

Cats generally like toys that move, fur texture, and have their own flavor. Choose the cat products that suit cats’ flavor is critical.

We will find that cats are very interested in toys such as cat teaser or plush mice. In addition, the bell is also a good toy for cats. Tie the bell to a string and let the cat fiddle with it. The sound it makes is easy to attract the cat's attention.

Cat toys can also be divided into self-entertainment type, owner-pet-playing type, and automatic cat-amusing type.

The toy that the owner and the pet can play with is cat teaser, which most cats are more interested in, and it is also a very common cat-friendly toy. Laser pointers, this may have certain limitations. Some cats are not very interested in lasers. But there are also cats who are very interested in this, usually chasing the light spot to run around, if this is the case, it is a good way to get the cat to exercise.

The self-entertainment type is a toy such as a fur mouse, which can be played happily by cat. But the play time is not particularly long.

Automatically amusing cats are toys that can move by themselves. Cats will want to catch them when they see them moving. Some movable plush toys are not bad.

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