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Ivan Masterov
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Phrasal Verbs vs. Prepositional Verbs

Sigil = "Grocabulary"

Let's get going without (w/o) a preamble, shall we?

Today's topic's gonna shed some light on different verbs and their use, folks.

Firstly, what's a phrasal verb? Well, it's a verb with EITHER a preposition or an adverb after it that (what's most important) has a DIFFERENT meaning from that of the original verb.

e.g. to take = брать --- to take on = бросать вызов

And "What's a prepositional verb?", you'll ask. Well, it's a verb with ONLY a preposition after it that has a DIRECT meaning of that of the verb and is just used to show a connection between the verb itself and the following something (it can be a noun, a gerund, a clause).

e.g. to listen = слушать --- BUT --- to listen to = слушать кого-то/что-то; I am listening TO music. (the meanings are the same, eh?)

Secondly, PHRASAL verbs can be separated by nouns or pronouns, like

e.g. Put the socks on, the floor's covered in horse sh*t. --- Take your shoes off at the door, where are your manners?

Meanwhile, PREPOSITIONAL verbs are sort of knitted with their "buddy"-preposition, like

e.g. You can count on me, mate! --- I wanna look up to the sky with you, darling.

So, drawing a conclusion, look at meanings and never mix the verbs, cheers!

PS Tell me about what you're eager to know next, folks, in the comments either down below or in the Channel, to be continued ...