hajj umrahuk
hajj umrahuk
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How to Apply for Online Umrah Visa in the United Kingdom?

Like any other foreign travel trip, travelling for umrah also requires obtaining a valid visa from Saudi Arabian officials. Since umrah is a religious ibadah of Muslims and millions travel for it annually, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made the process of obtaining umrah quite easy and straightforward. You can not only have your visa processed online but also there are tons of Umrah Packages Birmingham that you can hire from any approved travel agent and have your trip managed by professionals.

The validity of an Umrah Visa.

Usually, Umrah visas issued are of two weeks i.e., 14 days validity. However, a total of 30 days is given to the pilgrims in order to compensate for any travel delays. In simple words, once you arrive in the kingdom, you have to perform all of the minor pilgrimage rituals within 14 days and depart from the kingdom on the 15th day. No matter for how long is your Umrah visa valid, you are only allowed to stay in the kingdom for a total of 14 days only.

This step was taken in order to ensure that Umrah travel can be made convenient and easy for every Muslim i.e., minimizing the wait-period for obtaining umrah visas.

Saudi Vision 2030.

Under the recent advancement project ‘Saudi Vision 2030’, a plan was introduced by the government officials of Saudia Arabia. Many policy changes were made and a lot of Hajj/umrah policies were also revised. As per the new rules not only can pilgrims can perform umrah on their visit visa to the kingdom but can also obtain e-visa services from the comfort of their homes.

Requirements for applying for Online Umrah Visa.

1. A copy of your Return Ticket i.e., showing officials your ability to entire/leave the country.

2. Proof of Lodging; your hotel reservation information to compensate for your umrah stay.

3. Scanned Passport Details, ID card, or Birth Certificate in order to prove your identity.

4. A soft copy of your recent passport-sized color photograph with a full front-face view.

5. Bank Statement i.e., Proof that you can pay customs officers for your trip.

E-visa Processing times.

· Standard processing of e-visa would take only 5 days for approval. (GBP 118.15 approximately)

· Rush processing will only take 3 days for processing. (GBP 136 approximately)

· Super Rush processing can minimize the wait time to mere 24 hours for visa approval. (GBP 154 approximately)

Hence, if you want to travel for umrah, you can easily avail of e-visa services for the comfort of your home and have your journey pre-booked through our variety of economy and luxury Umrah travel services.