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The Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Roof's Life

A roof can survive several decades if properly maintained. The top ten strategies to increase the life of your roof are as follows:

Select a dependable and experienced roofer

When it comes to shingle roof replacement or repairs, it's critical to pick a reputable and qualified firm. Inquire about manufacturer certificates and look for a Roof Maintenance Chandler AZ or Roofing Company Chandler AZ that is adequately insured. This demonstrates professionalism and dedication to their work.

Leaves should be removed

Any leaves that have gathered should be removed on a regular basis. Otherwise, they will collect moisture and cause minor roof damage.

Branches that are overhanging should be trimmed

Overhanging limbs can snap off and cause significant roof damage. Branches also are the key access to your roof for small animals like squirrels, which can cause damage.

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Maintain a clean gutter system

Gutters may become clogged when leaves accumulate. Water will not be able to drain away from your roof correctly, causing damage to regions such as the lower deck board. For more query about Gutter cleaning visit our website.

Keep an eye out on the roof for any signs of harm

Regularly inspect your roof for damage, especially after a hail or wind storm. Look for shingles that seem to be loose, curling, or missing with binoculars. Examine the flashing around chimneys and vents as well.

Have your roof inspected and repaired by a professional

An expert will know exactly what to look for, even if you can see some obvious indicators of damage yourself. This can assist catch minor flaws before they turn into a much bigger – and more expensive – problem that necessitates shingle roof replacement.

Dislodge any snow that has accumulated

If you have a problem with ice forming on your roof, use a roof rake to clear the snow. Ice dams can obstruct appropriate water drainage. It then backs up behind your shingles, potentially causing damage and leaks.

Maintain a proper level of insulation

Insulating your attic not only saves you money on your energy bills but also extends the life of your roof. Without adequate insulation, the air can get extremely hot, hastening the decomposition of your shingles.

Examine the ventilation in your attic

Examine the vents that lead to the outside of your attic. Check to see whether they're blocked and if they're big enough to effectively ventilate the space. Proper ventilation will aid in the prevention of moisture damage to your roof.

Keep it tidy

To prevent the formation of moss and mold on your roof, get it professionally power washed on a regular basis.

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