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Two Very Common Myth About Vaping For Women

Nowadays, where vaping are becoming popular among common smoker, especially among women. Many companies claim that vaping can help you quit smoking and it cannot harm you during pregnancy. Even as a vaping company, we don't claim this as a right and consider it a myth only when it comes to vaping.

Whether you're a chain smoker or a newbie, as a woman, you should be aware of such myths because vaping is a good alternative when it comes to smoking, but we don't claim it is 0% harmful to pregnant women or adolescents. So, keep reading this article where we have busted these two claims by most of the people.

Myth 1: Vaping can help you quit smoking.

No evidence has been presented to support the claim that vaping can help smokers quit smoking. There are many reasons why vaping could make someone addicted to nicotine.

· Vaping is socially more acceptable than smoking. The scents of ENDS are usually not noticeable in hair or clothing.

· Many patients find sweet and fruity flavours more appealing than traditional tobacco.

· Unregulated, the nicotine content is not always clearly labelled on the packaging.

However, if you're a chain smoker, then vaping can be a great alternative for the initial phase and if you're one of them, then consider Aegis Boost Plus or Aegis Legend from Geekvape, which can be a great option to switch from regular nicotine cigar or cigarette.

Myth 2: Vaping is safer than going cold turkey during pregnancy.

It is not safe to use electronic cigarettes (vaping) during pregnancy. E-cigarettes (or electronic cigarettes) are laden with nicotine. This can permanently damage a baby's brain and other organs. E-cigarette liquids can also contain chemicals, flavours, and other additives that may not be safe.

Smoking cigarettes while pregnant can cause harm to both the baby and the mother. Research suggests that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes for pregnant women. Many pregnant women don't know whether e-cigarettes contain nicotine. E-cigarettes or vapes like Aegis Boost Plus, Aegisvape, etc., can also be used during pregnancy to help with quitting smoking.

Although e-cigarettes may not expose a baby to as many toxins as regular cigarettes, any nicotine exposure is still harmful. Quitting smoking or vaping while pregnant is the best thing to do for your baby's health. Vaping is not an alternative to smoking, and it should not be used as a temporary substitute if you're pregnant. It is well-known that secondhand smoke can have harmful effects on children and infants. For more information, click here...

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