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Versatile & Glamorous: These Sofas Are Fit for Any Lifestyle

It’s where you binge your favorite shows, converse with friends, snuggle up with family, and doze off on lazy Sunday afternoons. (And, as of late, it may be where you work!) Yes, your sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s where you spend a good portion of your time when you’re at home.

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Time and cost considered, there are a few factors that should be kept in mind when picking the perfect sofa for your space. You want it to be good-looking, of course, and comfort is key. Then there’s the matter of functionality: Should you go for a glamorous velvet sofa to entertain guests or a durable piece that can withstand the wear and tear of pets and kids?

Whether you’re seeking a handsome tufted leather model for the office, a modular unit for the living room, or a durable option that’s *virtually* indestructible, we’ve rounded up your best bets.

So, sit back, sink in, and check out our favorite sofas from Furniture Adda, the best place to buy furniture in Delhi.

Skirgirt Chesterfield Sofa

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If you're ready for an investment-worthy piece, Skirgirt Chesterfield Sofa can't be beaten. Plush, down-filled leather cushions sit atop a mid-century inspired oak wood frame and four kiln-dried solid wood legs complete the mod look.

The great thing about this sofa’s full-aniline Italian-tanned leather is that it just gets better over time. Whether you have kids, pets, or just a clumsy spouse, you don't have to worry about scratches or stains as they add to the sofa's unique patina. Just fluff the cushions, wipe away crumbs, and occasionally wax/oil the couch and it'll last you years and years to come.
Buy Skirgirt Chesterfield Sofa, ₹60,000/-

Northwest 3-Seater Modern Sofa

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It’s a chaise like you’ve never seen before. The Northwest 3-Seater Modern Sofa is the ultimate solution for furnishing a narrow room that might become too cramped with a forward-facing chaise. Combined with its wonderfully stuffed appearance, this smart piece will make any room look inviting, even if it’s short on square footage. A nap-worthy sofa that doesn’t crowd the room? Sprawlers, rejoice!
Buy Northwest 3 Seater Modern Sofa, ₹43,900/-

Lander 3 Seater Sofa

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Clean, contemporary lines and crisp, neutral linen elevate this (deceptively) casual sofa. The Lander 3 Seater Sofa is more than just good looks, too: The sofa is one you'll want to sink into thanks to eco-friendly foam cushions—which are padded with lofty down fill—that are constructed by upholstery artisans.

The Lander is made even more attractive when you realize just how customizable it is. You can pick between more than 100 upholstery options, four widths (64 inches being the smallest and 106 inches being the longest), and two depths. Click here to buy custom sofa online in India.
Buy Lander 3 Seater Sofa, ₹34,677/-

RugsMugs Corner Sofa Velvet Touch

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When it comes to gorgeous, well-made furniture, you can’t go wrong with the RugsMugs Corner Sofa. It is ridiculously chic and customizable; you can choose the fabric, as well as the back style, arm shape, and either wood or metal legs.

That said, this sumptuous blue velvet and metal leg combo are enough to make us swoon. Add webbed back support, foam seat cushions, and built-in springs to its good looks and you’ve got an Insta-worthy couch that’s ready for your next Netflix binge, too.
Buy RugsMugs Corner Sofa Velvet Touch, ₹41,600/-

Furniture Adda
Looking for the best custom furniture online in Delhi, India? Visit FurnitureAdda store today to check out the best home and Office Furniture.